Penelope Lemon: Game On by Inman Majors

Penelope Lemon: Game On by Inman Majors

Inman Majors comes to the blog with a story of second chances and finding your way with

Penelope Lemon: Game On!

Twice divorced Penelope is far too old to be a waitress in a denim mini-skirt and cowboy boots, living in her mother and stepfather’s house with her young son, and trying to repair her life. If you asked her friends, you’d hear that she is in need of a time out from men: her choices are pretty horrible, and she’s aware of her attraction for the ‘weird and unusual”. In fact, most of her memories about her second husband James revolve around his ‘insecurities’ about his lack of coordination or athletic ability, and his seduction technique, that mainly involved a bright yellow, short, kimono-style robe.

Penelope has a wicked sense of humor, and with a ‘gift’ of a membership to a Christian Dating site from her mother, a child who refuses to swing the bat at little league, and increasing debt that is insurmountable with a dead-end job, nothing is going her way. Desperate to get her own place for her and her son, a fortuitous meeting at the ball park with another mother wearing a rock and roll t-shirt brings opportunity: a new job, a new friend and new confidence to stand up to those who had done her wrong, or are bullying her son.

Utterly unique, Penelope had fallen into the Facebook stalking of her ex, discovered a twenty year old photo of her ‘posing’ on her first husband’s bed, and a series of contacts from young ‘Christian’ men looking for their ‘sure thing’.  Making some steps forward, and several blunders that we all fall into, Penelope’s story is full of humor, the struggles are met with humor and single-minded purpose, at least in the moment, and her relationship with her son Theo is cleverly portrayed, with insets of LOL, SMH and OMG.  Penelope feels like a real person who never quite met her potential, but is still fighting the good fight, and looking to expand her horizons in her small Virginia town.

Penelope Lemon: Game On by Inman Majors

Title: Penelope Lemon: Game On!
Author: Inman Majors
Genre: Contemporary Fiction - Adult, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Friendship, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Setting: American, Small Town, Southern
Published by: LSU Press, Yellow Shoe Fiction
ISBN: 080716951X
Published on: 15 August, 2019
Pages: 232
Rated: four-stars
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Penelope Lemon is a recent divorcée, closet Metallica fan, and accidental subversive to all the expectations of suburban motherhood. After ending her marriage with James, a woodsy intellectual who favors silky kimonos too short for his knobby knees, Penelope finds herself, at forty, living with her randy mother in her childhood home. Broke and desperate for work, she waitresses at Coonskins, a frontier-themed restaurant where the decor is heavy on stuffed mammals and discarded peanut shells.

Despite the pitfalls of balancing parental duties, jobs, and the vagaries of middle-age life, Penelope pushes through one obstacle after another, trying to regain her independence. Whether fumbling through the world of online dating; coping with a bullying situation involving her son, Theo, something of a gastric wonder on the school bus; or wrestling with the discovery of nude photos from her carefree college days that are not quite as “artistic” as she remembers, Penelope gradually emerges as a modern-day heroine who navigates the assorted inanities of life with verve and humor.

Audacious and laugh-out-loud funny, Inman Majors’s new novel holds up a fun-house mirror to the relatable challenges of being a single parent in the digital age. All those who live by the beat of their own drum gain a coconspirator, an accomplice, and a champion in the unstoppable Penelope Lemon.

A copy of this title was provided via for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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