The Spitfire Girl: Over and Out; The Spitfire Girl #4 by Fenella J. Miller

The Spitfire Girl: Over and Out; The Spitfire Girl #4 by Fenella J. Miller

Fenella J. Miller comes to the blog with the final installment in the Spitfire Girls series, focused on the women of the ATA in Britain during the war with

Over and Out

We’ve been following Ellie since the beginning as she traded her farm life for flying aircraft from manufacturing plants to repair and even to bases for the RAF. Doing her part and proving to be invaluable to the service, her own skills have moved her through the ranks quickly, and now married to childhood friend Jack, everyone is ready for the war to end. Losing her best friend to marriage and pregnancy wasn’t easy, and she’s worried that now Jack will expect her to be ready for a child, housekeeping and a quiet life. When we add in the family and friends with babies arriving or on the way, the imminent death of her grandfather – the odious titled man who cast a pall on all their lives, and dealing with the bequest from her first love after his death, and the possibility of yet more from her grandfather’s estate, she and Jack have some decisions to make.

There are so many elements that come into this story: from Elle’s family and friends to Jack’s struggles (still) with the loss of his hand and the fact that Elie is a rich woman of her own right where he’s got no one but his aunt, once married to his gangster uncle. When Jack has started to think of the future after the war, as the Americans are arriving in greater numbers, Italy is surrendering and much of the German bombardment of London has slowed, he wants to make a difference, and they decide to buy a house close to Oxford and the base where they both work. The house comes with a few quirks: Mary the former owner and proclaimed witch, a giant dog and cat that love them both, and plenty of recognition in the village, if not welcome.

Throughout this series, Miller has taken care to develop characters and their relationships in front of our eyes, and it’s easy to invest in the ups and downs and struggles that they have all endured through the long years of war. With things heating up and neither Jack nor Ellie feeling as if they are truly being ‘heard’, there are some rough patches. Fortunately, both are more sensible than stubborn (at least in the long term) and with plenty of ‘realignments’ what is (and always has been) important to them is family, friends and one another. The story has shown over the four books the changes in the country, in women’s views of themselves, in their contributions and perhaps even a bit of the conflicting emotions that allow everyone who reads it a chance to connect and empathize. A lovely series that is laden with information many may not know, plenty of heart and lots of moments to celebrate, it’s well worth a weekend’s hideaway.

The Spitfire Girl: Over and Out; The Spitfire Girl #4 by Fenella J. Miller

Title: The Spitfire Girl: Over and Out
Author: Fenella J. Miller
Series: The Spitfire Girl #4
Also in this series: A Wedding for the Spitfire Girl
Genre: British, Family Saga, Friendship, Historic Elements, Historic Woman's Fiction, Setting: Britain, World War II
Published by: Aria
ISBN: 9781838933463
Published on: 2 April, 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 281
Rated: four-stars
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All's fair in love and war for First Officer Ellie as she takes to the skies yet again in the final instalment of Fenella Miller's Spitfire Girl series.

1943, White Waltham.

As Italy surrenders and victory looms on the horizon, Ellie's doing what she does best – flying. And this time, she's rising to the sky in four-engined Halifaxes. Determined to keep doing her bit, Ellie's successes in the airfield mount but so do tensions with her new beau, Squadron Leader Jack Reynolds.

When Ellie and Jack find their dream home, they discover they've bought more than they bargained for. With a cellar full of secrets, Jack and Ellie must stand united in the face of mystery, war and loss. And as family circumstance threatens to tear them apart, Ellie and Jack are stronger than ever.

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About Fenella J. Miller

Fenella J. Miller was born in the Isle of Man. Her father was a Yorkshire man and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She has worked as a nanny, cleaner, field worker,hotelier,chef, secondary and primary teacher and is now a full time writer.

She has over twenty five Regency romantic adventures published plus one Jane Austen re-telling and one YA romantic fantasy.

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