One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker

One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker

Sandy Barker comes to the blog today with a story of second chances and growth all set against a sailing adventure through the Greek Islands in

One Summer in Santorini

Sarah used to manage tours for travelers, experiences where they camped, explored out of the way places and became fast friends. But she’s backed away from the travel, and spends more of her time lesson planning for her English classes as she wonders just how her relationship went so pear shaped. But, with that end came a new beginning: she’s booked a sailing cruise around the Greek Islands, capping that trip off with a week in London to connect back with her sister. The trip promises lovely weather, close quarters and incredible scenery, and a chance to get away from all that is ailing her.

Arriving at the sailboat she meets her travel companions, and discovers that the captain is an ‘old hand’ in the islands: knows many people and places, and the trip is off to a flying start. Among the passengers is a first time out of the US traveler Josh, a bit fish out of water as he tries to see everything, determined to be a ‘bachelor of means’, and instantly sparks an interest in the only other single woman on the trip and Sarah’s cabin-mate, Hannah.

This was a gentle story, allowing the beauty of the islands and Sarah’s own confusion about her desire for a relationship contrasting with the very unusual models of relationships displayed on the ship. From Gary and Marie with their marriage as solid as can be despite large age differences to Duncan and Gerry and their long-distance connection, her attraction to Josh, and his confusion about his to her, is clearly played out across the trip to mixed reviews from Hannah and the others. When another man enters the mix, a friend of Duncan’s and a world travelling art dealer, who is instantly taken with Sarah, there’s a few moments of jealousy sparking up, and lots of potential for ‘something to be determined later’, even as the cruise comes to the end. Light, fun and atmospheric, Sarah is a lovely narrator with a solid sense of humor and an awareness of not having all the answers, making her even more intriguing.

One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker

Title: One Summer in Santorini
Author: Sandy Barker
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Friendship, Holiday Themed, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Setting: Greece
Published by: Avon Maze
ISBN: 0008354340
Published on: 24 June, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 400
Rated: three-half-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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There was something in the air that night. . .

Sarah has had enough of men. It’s time to rekindle her first true love – travel – so she books a sailing trip around the Greek islands with a group of strangers.

The very last thing Sarah wants is to meet someone new… But then a gorgeous American man boards her yacht and she knows she’s in trouble. And when she also encounters a handsome silver fox who promises her the world, she realises that trouble really does come in twos.

Will Sarah dive into a holiday fling, embark on a relationship, or stick to her plan – steer clear of men, continue her love affair with feta, and find her own way after all?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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