Now That It’s You by Tawna Fenske

Now That It's You by Tawna Fenske

I’m a slacker — I’ve had this tile in queue since July…. Apologies to Tawna Fenske for my slacker-ness. Please read on for my review of this very surprising (to me) story

Now That it’s You

There is a reason that exes are exes.  Let me repeat – there is a reason that exes are exes.  Meg needs and needed to hear that, repeatedly: she needs it taped on every available surface upon which she looks. And then, she needs to see how her exes’ behavior is not just his alone – but is a family trait. Because she didn’t. And it had me wanting to slap her while I repeatedly kicked Kyle all around a football pitch.

Meg is, throughout the book, in need of some serious self-awareness. Years with Matt and his dismissive behavior have her lost, and after their breakup she is unable (or perhaps unwilling) to see herself as better without him. It doesn’t help that his family (including his brother, Kyle, her friend) shun her, and often go out of their way to make it a point.  It’s not enough that Kyle actually can see what was wrong with the way Matt treated her, then goes on to do the same. Meg wallowed and stayed stuck, and didn’t actually say I deserve more until far too late.

Fenske, in a turnaround from what I know of her, has managed to involve readers into the emotional maelstrom that is Meg’s brain, dealing with issues recent and past, and showing us a slow (often snail-paced) progression to a character that engendered, in succession: pity, frustration, empathy and eventually recognition of her growth, however infinitesimal.

So it wasn’t my favorite – but I didn’t hate the book or the writing. I wanted more for Meg than a second-rate, half-grown man boy.  And Fenske made me want that for her- she made me dislike the family members, proved that Matt was not worth the time she wasted with him.  And, while I like my happy endings as much as the next person but the reconciliation with Kyle and Matt’s mother was one step too many for me.  She was a horrible, mean, meddling person and there was no need to ‘make nice’.

Now That It’s You by Tawna Fenske

Title: Now That It's You
Author: Tawna Fenske
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Published by: Montlake Romance
ISBN: 1503937771
Published on: 6 September, 2016
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 297
Audio Length: 9 Hours: 24 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

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Talented chef Meg Delaney hasn’t spoken to her cheating ex-fiancé, Matt Midland, for two years. Ditching him at the altar after blurting out “I can’t” instead of “I do” would sour any relationship. But now, just as Meg is finally ready to bury the hatchet, she learns closure is permanently off the menu. And the kicker? Matt’s brother, Kyle, is back in her life, stirring up feelings that are equal parts guilt and lust.

Meg was the best thing that never happened to Kyle. He couldn’t make a move on his brother’s girlfriend—even if Matt didn’t value her nearly enough. The situation is even more complicated now that Meg’s bestselling aphrodisiac cookbook has spawned a legal battle with the Midlands. Maybe he should stay away. But love, like family, plays by its own rules. And the one woman he shouldn’t want might be the only one who’s perfect for him.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Tawna Fenske

Tawna Fenske is a romantic comedy author who writes humorous fiction, risqué romance, and heartwarming love stories with a quirky twist. Her offbeat brand of romance has been praised by Booklist as “A tame Carl Hiaasen on cupid juice,” and RT Book Reviews nominated her debut novel for contemporary romance of the year. Tawna is a fourth generation Oregonian who can peel a banana with her toes and who loses an average of 20 pairs of eyeglasses per year. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, step kids, and a menagerie of ill-behaved pets.


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