My Viking Vampire by Krystal Shannan

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Book Review:

Excited to see this author’s take on a vampire-heavy story, I’ve read Shannan’s Pool of Souls Olympian Gods series, and loved her characters.  In this story, she is jumping forward just under a century to a world where tensions and discrimination has not lessened, only changed the focus of the bad behavior.

Bailey is a human woman with a highly troubled past: her abusive ex-husband is determined and dedicated to reclaim her, and his connections make it easier to find her.  Her life with him was laden with pain and misery, bringing her attention from a djinn who revels in the pain and darkness that come with her marriage and memories of it.

Erik is a gentlemen vampire: much like a more notorious Eric he is also descended from Vikings, and has a healthy grounding in all things supernatural.  His vampire nature, while fierce, often is subjugated to his innate protective streak once he has met Bailey.  To keep her safe from the dual beings with ill-intent, he whisks her off to Sanctuary: a ‘parallel’ universe where magick is apparent, pixies, sprites, dragons, weres, and others live in relative harmony, and humans are rarely allowed to stay without escort.

What Krystal Shannan does like few others is build characters and settings that build in your mind’s eye with ease, finding a plotting arc that runs smoothly from one point to another, adding some twists and tension that fit the story: pushing events forward to a conclusion, without rushing, giving time for the characters to form and attach to readers, without feeling overworked.

In this story, the connection and tension between Bailey and Erik helps to show the characters of the two: Bailey’s innate trust of Erik, his protective and dominant nature, and the inclusion of some seriously sexy BDSM-flavored scenes give Bailey the opportunity to take control and learn that her trusting in one man/vampire doesn’t need to result in pain. A long book at 400 pages, this reads as quickly as a novella, one sitting as you will tear through the pages to get to the end.

A lovely introduction to the Sanctuary, Texas series, Shannan has started another series that will please many.

My Viking Vampire by Krystal Shannan

Title: My Viking Vampire
Author: Krystal Shannan
Series: ,
Genre: Shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches
Published by: Self-Published
Source: Author
Pages: 400
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Bailey Ross’ world is crumbling around her. Her abusive ex, a human, is closing in on her again, and to make matters worse, a new enemy, a djinn, is stalking her. This supernatural being takes great pleasure in human pain, something Bailey has in excess thanks to her ex. If she’s caught by either, she’s as good as dead.

Backed into a corner and desperate to escape, she does something she swore wouldn’t ever be possible again –trusting a man. And he’s a vampire.

Protection via the sexy vampire Erick Thorson may prove to be a little more than she bargained for. Sparks fly between them and she finds herself agreeing to more than just protection. Though he has promised not to let anyone harm her, the small west Texas town is more than it seems and he may not be able to make good on his vow no matter how hard he tries.

Will Sanctuary be the home Bailey longs for or will she have to die to find out?

Book 1 in the Sanctuary, Texas Series

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“Straddle me.”I gulped. It wasn’t a question and I didn’t hesitate. I twisted my body and lifted my leg over his lap, situating myself across his thighs. I wiggled a little to get comfortable. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, grinding my sex against his hard length. My body throbbed and my panties were soaked in seconds. Taking a deep breath, I focused on slowing my racing heart and trembling body. What I thought would be an uncomfortable bite and awkward aftermath had turned into something completely different. Fire licked at my belly and I swayed my hips, allowing his hands to guide the movement. Another growl rumbled from his chest. His hands abandoned my waist and slid upward, grazing my breasts and then over my shoulders. He cupped each side of my face and pulled me closer, kissing me slowly. His tongue grazed first my top lip then my bottom, then plunged between them, sweeping inside. It was euphoric. He tasted sweet and I opened further for him. My gesture did not go unnoticed and I received an encouraging gravelly moan as a reward. He sucked and nipped at my lips again before trailing his kisses slowly across my jaw and down the side of my neck below my ear. His right hand caressed the nape of my neck and grasped the base of the loose braid of my hair. He pulled my head gently to the side, further exposing my neck and collarbone to his hungry mouth. My heart raced again. The bite had to be coming soon. I leaned into his kisses, pushing my neck closer. Something had changed in my mind. I no longer feared the bite. Instead, I desperately wanted it.




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