New Year, New Resolutions! Or Maybe Not?

New Year, New Resolutions! Or Maybe Not?

Like most people, I too try to have resolutions each year. Thing is, when it comes to reading I couldn’t keep my last year’s resolutions.

So this year, I’m going to try and set goals that can actually be achieved!

My goals are simple, since I know I’ll be getting into rounds of rereading soon enough!

Resolution number one : I want to leave reviews at the blog, for at least half of the books I read. Which brings me to…..

Resolution number two : No matter how many times I’ve reread a book before, on 2017 I will be reviewing it! And trust me…. In 2017 I’ll be rereading a very dear to me series, which I want you all to know about! Just as good that it’s a big one! *where are the winking emoticons when you need them?*

Resolution number three : I have a pile of 124 paperbacks and 519 ebooks. All of them unread. The goal is to limit my one-click habit (we all know I can’t stop) and try to make those piles smaller.

I know that I’m going to fail #3 and that’s why I’ve actually put #1 in place. So that I actually manage to achieve a goal! This year alone, I’ve read more than 110 books, but failed to review them, either here or on goodreads. Sometimes it was because the books failed me and I don’t like writing negative reviews. The rest of the times I simply forgot!

So, for 2017 I’ll still have a goal of 100 books at goodreads. Since it only counts new books, I will be bound to read at least 100 books from my pile and give you at least 50 reviews!

Cross your fingers that I can do even more!