A Mutual Friend: The Bent Zealots #6 by Layla Wolfe

A Mutual Friend: The Bent Zealots #6 by Layla Wolfe

Layla Wolfe returns with her highly addictive, down and dirty motorcycle club romance series that features The Bent Zealots in their sixth book

A Mutual Friend

I’m going to start with a verbatim insertion of the publisher/author prologue for this particular book.

This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes of graphic gay sex, illegal doings, consensual bondage and discipline, cannibalism, graphic depiction of the dark arts, and violence in general. It’s a full-length novel of 65,000 words, rated 18+ due to possible triggers. There is no cheating or cliffhangers, and HEAs for all.

If anything in the prologue has you thinking ‘not for me’ – than this book is NOT FOR YOU. Don’t say you weren’t warned and prepared – you have been. This series combines the outsider/ one percenter view of the world from an MC Club that is mixed with a very (I repeat VERY) open attitude to language, drugs and sexuality – be it homosexuality, bisexuality, hetero or even abstention. The characters are palpable and honest, no one is a choir boy or truly irredeemable, but they are all people who will interest your curiosity and engage your empathy and ability to see the world through eyes unlike your own. This series presents as much of a challenge as it does engages – and requires you enter with an open mind and are willing to learn, experience and explore something different. And I LOVE every moment of the challenges I face when reading these books, rarely do I have a hard time with the characters and their development or relationships. This one, however, did provide a few moments of what the actual _____ have I just read? All in a good way. Anton and King are wonderful characters who have a yin-yang way of relating to one another, with a serious dose of both trust and caution that allows their interactions to shine as their relationship develops and deepens. But there are stranger things afoot here – from run ins with the Aryan brotherhood (an anathema to the Zealots as they are both openly accepting of gay members but also have a diverse cultural makeup in their club. Of course, they have the pot farm and their dealing drugs and trying to manage the flow of drugs and violence through the reservations, trying to keep the families there safe.

The Bent Zealots, while being a club are also one of the most structured and accepting communities that one could find – and while their behavior is often aggressive and violent – those are also reactionary to threats and challenges against them and what they believe in. When we add in the dark magic and questions of possession, mix in some priestly influences and plenty of compassion – you get this community. Moments with previously highlighted characters show the progression of their growth and importance as we welcome new people to the group. Sure, there were moments that were more difficult to read and experience, but most of all – the club and the foundations on which it was built – respect, honesty, friendship, brotherhood and diversity have transcended all the challenges they face and moved into new and ever-changing, more difficult challenges.

A Mutual Friend: The Bent Zealots #6 by Layla Wolfe

Title: A Mutual Friend
Author: Layla Wolfe
Genre: 18+ Read, BDSM, Contemporary LBGTQ Romance, Contemporary Motorcycle Romance - Adult, Contemporary Paranormal Romance, Dark-theme, Erotic Elements, Interracial, LGBTQ, Male / Male, Paranormal
Published by: Quicksilver Books
ISBN: 1796526851
Published on: 8 February, 2019
Source: Author
Pages: 253
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Courageous lives forever.

King: I’m just a mild-mannered truck driver trying to do right and make it through each day. When my rig was held up by neo-Nazi thugs, they stole a shipment intended for the Bent Zealots MC. I need to make it right by the bikers.

During a rumble at the clubhouse, I found myself brutally dry-humping a dark, smoky biker. Appalled by my behavior, I slunk off with the racists, squatting in an empty office building. Talk about hitting rock bottom.

Anton: Stinging from the most savage breakup of my life, I took to the road in my new occupation: demonologist. The Zealots have just the job for me—figuring out what the fuck is eating Barclay Samples, a Prospect who’s been slicing and dicing small animals to drink their healing blood.

I found a new partner in my quest to exorcise Barclay’s demon—the studly trucker who manhandled me in the brawl. Our attraction is one for the ages, made in heaven. We can bring each other out of our shells in the accepting environment of the gay MC, but the dark forces of the white power men and the devil controlling poor Barclay have taken the upper hand.

King: Body parts began appearing, both in town and in our kitchen. We have a mind-blowing choice: admit defeat or return fire with every tool in our arsenal.

If you have ghosts, then you have everything.

Publisher’s Note: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains scenes of graphic gay sex, illegal doings, consensual bondage and discipline, cannibalism, graphic depictions of the dark arts, and violence in general. It’s a full-length novel of 65,000 words rated 18+ due to possible triggers. There are no cheating or cliffhangers, and HEAs for all.

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to drug and alcohol use / violence and/or sexual content in a genre not specified as Erotic.


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Bestselling author Layla Wolfe is satisfied with a leather jacket, one bad-ass pink camo compound bow, and a vicarious outlaw lifestyle. Layla Wolfe is the pen name of multi-published erotic romance author Karen Mercury.


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