The Midwives of Lark Lane: Lark Lane #4 by Pam Howes

The Midwives of Lark Lane: Lark Lane #4 by Pam Howes

Pam Howes returns to the blog with the fourth book in the Lark Lane Series, set in the Liverpool area with

The Midwives of Lark Lane

I started with this series in the early years of World War II, where the characters were thriving and surviving the war years, and change was always around the corner. Now the children in the series are all grown up and Cathy, and her husband have their own little family and Cathy is hoping to complete her midwives training, put aside when she was pregnant with Lucy. Her mother Alice has remarried a local man, her second husband having gone to jail for his attack on Cathy’s student friend, and lives are moving forward, even as Cathy has to adjust to living at the fair with her husband Gianni and his father’s motorcycle show. From the upheaval with her routine to not really having a ‘position’ at the fair, it’s decided that Cathy will go home to pick up her studies.

Like many of the stories before – there are several threads here that intertwine and show growth and concerns for all the characters – from Gianni leaving the traveling fair to the threat from her stepfather from jail and the danger they all face, to her finaly getting qualified as a midwife and the plans that she and her three nurse-training friends decided on for a maternity home to both provide private care AND help unwed mothers with no options.

Up and down – the characters are clearly experiencing growing pains as the times and their situations change, all with some solid touchstones back to Alice – the first and perhaps my favorite character in this series. Though the story moves reasonably quickly from the war years to the mid-50’s and now into the 60’s through the assassination of JFK – there’s a heartbeat that connects each moment and character seen and unseen to the story in a long thread. It feels as if you are being welcomed in to their world and confidences, and there’s plenty of cake, tea and camaraderie to go around.

The Midwives of Lark Lane: Lark Lane #4 by Pam Howes

Title: The Midwives of Lark Lane
Author: Pam Howes
Genre: British, Family Saga, Friendship, Historic Elements, Historic Woman's Fiction, Romantic Elements, Setting: Britain
Published by: Bookouture
ISBN: 1786817683
Published on: 18 December, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 254
Rated: four-stars
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All’s fair in love and war… but what happens when the war is over?

After the heartbreak of World War Two, newlywed midwife Cathy hoped Liverpool life would offer some joy. But a terrible miscarriage and the escape of her abusive stepfather Jack from prison make happiness hard to find.

Meanwhile, Cathy’s beloved granny is ailing. Whilst at the hospital, Cathy sees her midwifery friends, who are planning to open a home for unmarried mothers. After losing a baby of her own Cathy would love to help, but for now, she must take care of her grandmother.

As her grandmother's health worsens, she writes Cathy a letter. The day her granny dies, Cathy goes home and opens the envelope: Thank you for giving me a reason to live. Everything I have in the world is yours now, my darling. Cathy is devastated but determined to honour her granny’s memory, hoping the maternity home can be her legacy.

Just as Cathy and her friends are about to open their doors to the first expectant mothers, Jack is spotted in Liverpool. It’s only a matter of time until her cruel stepfather catches up with her, determined to pay her back for getting him locked up in prison. Can Cathy keep herself and her grandmother’s legacy safe, and see Jack sent away for good at last?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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