Blog All About it in March – Luck

Blog All About it in March – Luck

Coming again off the prompt Luck from Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup, I bring this month’s post about


I’m not a believer in luck as the word has come to be applied – that amorphous and rather unexpected granting of fortune that comes ‘out of the blue’. I’ve never thought that luck and success were inexorably intertwined, thinking that success only comes from preparation and hard work, and when that is done, with the right attitude of moving forward – all good things will come from that.

And I don’t believe in 4 leaf clovers, fortune cookie lucky numbers, or even something for nothing. What I do believe is that if you tend to gloss over those moments of fortune – be they monetary, weather, friendship or even love relationships, you will start to feel as if you have ‘bad luck’ or never see any ‘good luck’ coming to you. Sure – it isn’t always easy to take a moment to realize that you have this or that, and that something else brings you real joy and happiness – but it also makes the day move along so much better when you do.

In this age that seems to be endless repeats of ‘bad news’ and few things to bring you happiness and faith when sticking your head out into reality – realize that you have this pile of things to be happy for – and that staying the course and continuing to work your best at those things you attempt will add more to your ‘be happy about this’ pile… the cares and frustrations with the world out there is soon forgotten in your own single-minded attention to the things that bring you happiness. In there – your luck (and your joy) is found.


4 leaf Luck


So – the four leaf clover is thought to be lucky – and a favorite ‘hunted plant’ of many – do you believe in luck or working for it?


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