Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy: Lucky & Lucy #1 by Edward Fox ~ AudioBook Review

Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy: Lucky & Lucy #1 by Edward Fox ~ AudioBook Review

When I started reviewing AudioBooks, I really had only one author offering titles. That quickly changed, and much to my delight, that original author has referred more authors and titles to me.  Up today is the debut offering from Edward Fox, Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy is the first in his Lucky & Lucy series, one that combines humor, aliens, romance, a mystery and a solid chemistry that just tips the title into the 18+ range.  Please read on for my review and to find out all about the book.

AudioBook Review:

A short introduction to the characters, world and author’s writing all come through in this first installment in Edward Fox’s story, Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy.

Fox delivers on characters: Lucky (so named by his parents) is a detective of sorts- investigating aliens and other UFO type activities despite not really believing in the phenomena. He’s got a very “noir” approach to dialog and use of language, fond of “gal” and sounding very 40’s in all the best non-pc ways. Lucy has retreated to life in a small cabin in the woods with her dog, preferring solitude and her own space to a life filled with people, but close enough to get necessities.  With care, Fox brings us enough background on these two characters (despite the abbreviated length) to give us some solid belief in their reasoning and needing to know what would happen with these two.

When things go bump in the night, and Lucy starts to see things that she can’t quite rationalize or explain and things start to twist. A blog post brings her to Lucky’s attention, and he takes a circuitous route to her in New York.  Together, Lucky and Lucy are electric. While there was an instant connection between the two, Fox doesn’t use the connection or the steam that illustrates it dance over the edge of crude. Yes, there is sex, steamy moments even, but displayed with a sensuality (and lovely dialogue) that truly keep readers engaged and believing in their connection and relationship.  Cleverly done in about 130 pages, Fox has managed to make their story feel much longer and deeper, we haven’t noticed the short length until it is over – and we want more: more of this crazy mismatched couple, more about the aliens, more from The Alien, and even to see what scuffle and mystery Lucky will drag us into next.

Narration for this story is provided by Scott Pollack, my first introduction to his narration.  A bold choice, and if I had to describe him, his voice is similar to Scott Simon of NPR fame.  Use of his voice as “Lucky” feels solid and appropriate, with adjustments in tone and delivery to fit the moment.  When voicing Lucy, he doesn’t change his tone much, but does use nuanced delivery and presentation to bring her to light. It was a delight to listen to, and he managed to present the story, not overreaching for emotions, action or adding to context that readers would interpret for themselves.

Stars: Overall  4 Narration 4 Story 4


Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy: Lucky & Lucy #1 by Edward Fox ~ AudioBook Review

Title: Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy
Author: Edward Fox
Series: Lucky & Lucy #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Elements, Paranormal
Narrator: Scott Pollak
Published by: Self-Published, Self-Produced
Published on: 27 October 2015
Source: Audio Producer
Pages: 130
Audio Length: 3 Hours: 49 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

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Lucky & Lucy are fun and entertaining people, but they aren't looking for:

Romance, Intimacy, Sex, Love.

Lucky just wants something fun to do with his spare time. He decides to do real-world research for alien sightings, paranormal, supernatural and other weird stuff, and to write articles for an online magazine that specialized in this stuff.

Lucy wasn't thinking about any of those things either (Romance, Intimacy, Sex, Love). But, she had seen some weird things in the woods while riding her horses, and ends up being Lucky's first research project!

While neither was thinking about Romance, Intimacy, Sex or Love, they both unknowingly had a hole in their life that needed to be filled.
Neither of them had any idea they were going to be the perfect fit to fill the other one's needs. But, many of the best things in life happen purely by mistake...

***Warning and spoiler alert: This story is intended for readers 18 years and older. The sex, while never crude, becomes explicit as time goes on. If you're into great romance, building intimacy, great sex, and just plain fun, read it and enjoy!

While this book is set up to be a great stand-alone read, it is intended to be part of a series (Lucky & Lucy). All books in the series are completed as stand-alone stories (no cliff-hanger endings), but the characters do evolve as the series progresses

A copy of this title was provided via Audio Producer for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to drug and alcohol use / violence and/or sexual content in a genre not specified as Erotic.


Christmas Cane left lean


About Edward Fox

Edward Fox lives in Ohio and has spent time in most of the locations mentioned in his stories. He loves great Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Paranormal. He loves real Science, too!

He spends time with his four children when possible and for fun he fishes and plays Disc Golf. He loves the outdoors; fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, etc.

Ed believes romance and true intimacy with your partner is of utmost importance. Spending quality time with your partner is a big help with that. This is why you will find quality time together, flirting, teasing, romance, and intimacy in all his books. You can have all of that even when sex isn't possible.

Of course, when great sex is possible, that's a fantastic way to bond with someone and certainly helps with the intimacy. So yes, great sex is also in all of his books. He's not big on crude language in his books, but the sex can be somewhat explicit.



2 responses to “Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy: Lucky & Lucy #1 by Edward Fox ~ AudioBook Review

  1. What a fantastic review! You captured this AudioBook just right, and the way I meant for it to be listened to. Fun and captivating people, not just sex, but sensuality and intimacy (I’m all about intimacy), some mystery, some comedy, just a fun listen!
    I can’t tell you how happy that you enjoyed this story and how much I appreciate your review!
    Yes, there will be more stories with these two, it’s meant to be a long series with all the fun continuing. No ridiculous relationship drama, some mystery, some comedy, and lots of sensuality and intimacy. Thant’s what I love in life and it’s what I will write about!
    All stories will be stand alones with no cliff-hangers, but the characters WILL grow in every book.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful recommendation!

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