To Love and Be Loved By Him: Seekers of the Past #4 by Amy Valentini

To Love and Be Loved By Him: Seekers of the Past #4 by Amy Valentini

Amy Valentini is back with the fourth in the Seekers of the Past series – a lovely contemporary romance with a touch of timeslip, mystery and family saga

To Love and Be Loved By Him

We are actually back in the search for more clues to the family histories of Sam and Emma – but in a circuitous route. Emma, already understanding that her ‘timeslip’ into the journals she is reading; able to feel and experience events as they happened.  She’s been thinking that it’s ‘weird’ and that she wants Sam to gain this sort of understanding of the events that she has, in the way she has.  But without him finding himself ‘immersed’ in the stories as they unfold through diary entries as Emma does and can, he’s got to focus on the things he knows: the trails as they unfold with palpable and visual proof.  And here is where Valentini takes a left turn and allows Sam to experience the wind on his face and the smell of the sea as Emma reads the latest journal, that of Emily Embry the youngest sibling of the Embry family in early America.  And what a story this is……

Emily Embry is heading to England to marry. Sailing aboard one of her father’s ships, chaperoned by her aunt. Unhappy with the arrangement and desperately trying to find a way, preemptively, to dissolve the betrothal she’s spending every waking moment thinking and hoping, trying to find an option while she is grieving the potential loss of her freedom as well as the distance from her family and the home she knows and loves. Unfortunately, a small vessel sailing without escort is vulnerable to attack, this from a French ship: listing badly, moments from sinking with a fire burning belowdecks, things are grim. Until Beau and his ship, the Belle Femme spot the predatory French vessel and the small ship not long for the world.

Pulled onto the Belle Femme by Beau and his first mate Michel, Emily and her aunt are treated with care and chivalry, and an agreement to drop them in London is made.  Beau and Emily have an instant rapport – poking and prodding at one another – and all are unaware of the fates having brought them together even as both are wholly determined to’not’ be involved.  Oh this was so cleverly played – although both are ridiculously dense when it comes to communicating and actually seeing just what is there before their eyes  From Beau’s hiding of his title to Emily’s inability to see the truth facing her, her determination (and stubbornness) to make her own choices, his fear of telling the whole truth and the gentle recrimination and protection of them both by Michel  – it’s so cleverly plotted even with the frustration of the ‘blindness’ they both have regarding the real truth that is pulsing, dancing and even shouting with big red flags in front of them.  Oh what fools we are when inside our heads and our pasts are the only voices heard…..

Finally, Sam got his wish – and some tidbits that send him thinking about an entry he’d found regarding his own family.  Emma can now breathe a sigh of relief – there’s no chance of him thinking her ‘fanciful’ or delusional, he’s experienced the same ‘feeling of being present’ that she has. Moreover, while we have the settling of Emily’s story in the general scheme, there are still questions to be answered and, most importantly, the question of just where (and from whom) the LaFitte gold came from.  It’s really now starting to branch off into more of Sam’s personal family history, with questions needing asking and only an Uncle from whom he is estranged as the logical ask. I can’t wait to see just what else they are able to uncover as the search for answers only seems to fix their relationship as one destined by both history and fate.

To Love and Be Loved By Him: Seekers of the Past #4 by Amy Valentini

Title: To Love and Be Loved By Him
Author: Amy Valentini
Series: Seekers of the Past #4
Also in this series: Seekers of the Past, For the Sake of Honor, In the Arms of Her Angel
Genre: Colonial Era, Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Historic Elements, Mystery Elements, Setting: American
Published by: Self-Published
ISBN: 109337425X
Published on: 16 April, 2019
Source: Publisher
Pages: 550
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Continue the Journey to Where the Past Meets the Present
and Love Lives Forever

Emma’s investigation of the past leads her to Emily Embry. But will it lead her and Sam to the origins of the gold? He’s beginning to believe she’s experiencing something amazing while reading the young girl’s journal, but is it real? What might they learn as they continue seeking the past?

Sent to England to marry a man she’s never met, Emily Embry is determined to quit the contract made by her parents. When tragedy strikes her ship along the way, she encounters a handsome captain who captures her heart making her destiny even less desirable, even as she wishes he was the man she was marrying.

Beau Hawkings is a man of the sea and has no desire to settle down on land or with a wife. When he rescues the woman his grandfather contracted him to marry, he finds her desirable but his desire for freedom is greater—until she begins to claim his heart. Now his deception might be the very thing which drives her away. While both protect their hearts, they grow ever closer as fate voyages them home to where they belong—in love and loved.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Amy Valentini

In addition to being an author, Amy Valentini is a free-lance editor at Romancing Editorially and romance reviewer at Unwrapping Romance as well as an Avon Addict—a super reader group for Avon/HarperCollins. She has always loved reading, working with words, and creating stories that make readers think, laugh, cry, and escape the realities of everyday life. Writing romance keeps her belief in true love alive.

A graduate of Mary Washington College in Virginia, now the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she has always had a dream of being a published author. Finally achieving that goal with her debut romance, she hopes readers will love her new series, a journey that will take the reader into the past as well as the present…where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

Amy lives in Virginia where in her spare time, she reads and reviews romance, and takes walks with her favorite guy—her Rottweiler, Marco


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