Let’s find the Magic

Let's find the Magic

Now it’s time for fun – let’s delve into Paranormals, Fantasies and the Magical Realism stories: full of new and unusual creatures, thoughts, worlds and events.

Genre: Paranormal

DRAGON STORM by Katie MacAlister

Dragon Storm
Katie MacAlister
Dragon Falls #2
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Forever, Hachette Audio
Rel: 24 November, 2015

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A wonderful mix of romance, mystery, growth and a chance to enjoy another few hours in the worlds MacAlister has created.Narration for this story is provided by Tavia Gilbert, and her style is wonderfully facile, adapting to the strange names, accents and deliveries with flair. These cannot be easy to narrate – the sly asides and comedic nature of some comments placed in a story that is both tension-filled and slightly mysterious require an awareness of those moments, not to highlight them, but to present them as they are written, without hesitation that would signal ‘laugh here’.  Moments that are heavier in emotional impact also require gentle handling to not overwhelm the story, and Gilbert managed to avoid all the pitfalls and create a listen that draws you in, making the story an easy listen.  A wonderful story to read or listen to – and yet another in the long list of titles you should read from Katie MacAlister.

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Undead and Done by MaryJanice Davidson



Undead and Done: A Queen Betsy Novel
MaryJanice Davidson
Series: Undead #15
Rel: 4 October, 2016

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Davidson uses humor, a fascination with shoes, fashion and smoothies, and the entrance to hell in the food court just like the one at the Mall of America to set her story… Yep. It’s silly and snarky and has moments of danger and pure on goofy fun, completely refreshing and wholly different than the angst ridden battles between good and evil, where guilt and self-obsession rule the day. It’s a lighthearted (mostly) story full of the Betsy that has grown into her position, dragging iit into a form of her own shape and making. The perfect ending for the series proper, with opportunities for ‘cameo appearances’ from the characters that have been so integral and loved.

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Genre: Magical Realism

The Horse Healer by Gonzalo Giner

The Horse Healer
Gonzalo Giner
Open Road Integrated Media
Rel: 14 April, 2015

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The synopsis for this story does not do it justice: lyrical writing that is richly evocative and layered, bringing us into the life and concerns of Diego. Gonzalo Giner’s writing is fluid and polished, even in translation the story is nuanced with tiny moments that elucidate elements and add that sense of ‘otherworldliness’ that is so necessary to capture a bygone era with justice, giving the reader a true sense of having been there, and being better informed and aware because of that journey. Add this book to your to-read pile, you won’t regret the read.

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The Secret Ingredient of Wishes by Susan Bishop Crispell



The Secret Ingredient of Wishes
Susan Bishop Crispell
Thomas Dunne Books
Rel: 6 September, 2016

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Complex characters with plenty of secrets – shared and not highlight the story that truly is Rachel’s journey to growing up and learning to make choices. Rachel, with Catch’s help, is coming to learn that her belief in the worst always happening may just be why things are not always a happy result. With several sub-plots that do seem to use secrets kept and not, as well as wishes and a romance, the story is gripping, engaging and while the tumult for Rachel is visceral and palpable, it is all the more wonderful for the ending.

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