Let it Snow by Sue Moorcroft

Let it Snow by Sue Moorcroft

Sue Moorcroft comes to the blog with a story of second chances and new places in

Let it Snow

The villagers of Middledip have a small chorale group, brought to notice through the efforts of a new resident who moved into town to explore a long-buried family secret. Lily and Zinnia Cortez are sisters who had always been different and as close as the could be to their two mums and each other. Until Lily discovers that her mother’s story was more complex than she believed when she found her mother crying over the obituary of her biological father. Aside from being a shock to discover the truth at nearly thirty, Lily’s desire to seek out her family has caused ripples in the family dynamic. Relocating to Middledip, working in the pub owned by one of her half-brothers, and working to start her own business designing exhibition spaces for companies and deciding how (and when) to broach the subject of parentage to her boss.

But, Tubb has heart problems and has gone off to Switzerland with his new girlfriend to rest, relax and wait for her daughter to get through a difficult pregnancy. The upside to all of this is that Lily’s business connections brought the chorale and the town into notice from a Swiss company that sells ‘traditional British products’ – and a large exhibition will bring the Middledip chorale to Switzerland to sing at the event. In Tubb’s place is a temporary licensee, Isaac took the position found for him by his ex after his lounge failed. Still reeling from the failure, and considering his next move, Isaac is instantly attracted to Lily, but continued interference from his own ex leaves him conflicted. These two are adorable together – but both are stuck in their own heads when it comes to ‘the next step’ and whether or not it’s appropriate.

There were several ‘sub-plots’ in this one – all of which fed into one-another and kept the story moving forward. Lily and Zinnia’s altered relationship, their mum’s relationship struggles, Lily’s desire to know her family, her attraction to Isaac, Isaac’s reeling from his ‘failure’ and what he’s going to do next, his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Hayley and her issues, not to mention the trip to Switzerland, a few hiccups along the way and a wonderfully goofy dog who seems to insert himself into situations willy-nilly. Moorcroft leaves readers with a story of escape, second chances, new sights and plenty of heart, and leaves them smiling in the end.

Let it Snow by Sue Moorcroft

Title: Let it Snow
Author: Sue Moorcroft
Genre: British, Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Friendship, Holiday Themed, Second Chance, Setting: Britain, Small Town
Published by: Avon Books UK
ISBN: 0008321795
Published on: 26 September, 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 400
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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This Christmas, the villagers of Middledip are off on a very Swiss adventure…
Family means everything to Lily and Zinnia Cortez and, growing up in their non-conventional family unit, they and their two mums couldn’t have been closer.

So it’s a bolt out of the blue when Lily finds her father wasn’t the anonymous one-night stand she’s always believed. She is in fact the result of her mum's reckless affair with a married man.

Confused, but determined to discover her true roots, Lily sets out to find the family she’s never known – an adventure that takes her from the frosted, thatched cottages of Middledip to the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, via a Christmas market or two along the way…

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Sue Moorcroft

Sue Moorcroft is a Sunday Times bestselling author and has held the coveted #1 spot in the Amazon Kindle chart. She's also a bestseller in Germany. She writes women's contemporary fiction with sometimes unexpected themes.

Sue has won the Best Romantic Read Award, been nominated for a RoNA and is a Katie Fforde Bursary winner. She also writes short stories, serials, articles, columns, courses and writing 'how to'.

An army child, Sue was born in Germany then lived in Cyprus, Malta and the UK. She's worked in a bank, as a bookkeeper (probably a mistake), as a copytaker for Motor Cycle News and for a typesetter, but is pleased to have wriggled out of all 'proper jobs'.

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  1. Thank you very much indeed for your insightful and thorough review. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Let it Snow (and got that Doggo was really the star of the show). Thank you for joining the blog tour. 🙂

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