The League of Doorways: Doorways #2 by Tim O’Rourke

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The second in this trilogy picks right up where the first ended, or didn’t since the author is an apparent fan of the cliffhanger.  While I understand the reasons for them, in titles geared to younger readers I am NOT a fan (not much for myself either) as I believe that each story should have some conclusion that makes you curious about what next, not struggling to sort out a long or drawn-out plot point.  But that is really my biggest issue with this story:  again O’Rourke manages to build a world that is solid and inventive, and give us plenty of action to follow.

There are new characters: good, bad and ugly to get to know again in this story, while some carry-over from the first book does happen, this is really a solid deepening of the characters we met in book one: and you CANNOT jump into this story expecting to follow along.  You will be hopelessly lost as the action starts with very little breathing time, and we jump right in to it all: not a ton of catch up or background from the first book.  Zach is marginally more developed in this story – but it is definitely action, not a character driven storyline, and if you are wanting some unique twists, surprises and plenty of new puzzles to work out.

Fred Wollinsky’s narration was better in this than the first: or perhaps I was more accustomed to his performance and voicing.  His creation and consistency with Zach’s voice is spot on for the character, and his variations in pitch, tone, accent and delivery are clearer as he navigates through a daunting myriad of characters, each bringing their own intention and threat to the story.

Part two is down, and this trilogy will end with the next book, The Queen of Doorways.  There is another cliffhanger at the end of this story: be warned.  I did listen to books one and two in succession, so the characters and voices were fresh and while not easy to recall, I found them less confusing in the second round. Perfectly suited for ages 12 and up, there is something to please the fantasy fan who prefers unique worlds and action.

 Stars: Overall:  4 Narration:  4 Story 4

The League of Doorways: Doorways #2 by Tim O’Rourke

Title: The League of Doorways
Author: Tim O'Rourke
Genre: Children's Literature, Teen Reads, Vampires, Werewolves
Narrator: Fred Wolinsky
Published by: Self-Produced
Source: Narrator
Pages: 170
Audio Length: 5 Hours: 58 minutes
Rated: four-stars
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With a werewolf and a vampire for company, Zach Black makes his way across a vast apocalyptic wasteland in search of the box which contains the Heart of Endra. In the desert, they stumble across a mechanical man who tells Zach and his friends that if they want to reach the box, they will have to cross a desolate land inhabited by terrifying creatures, which have been smuggled from the other side of the doorways.

But with a traitor amongst his midst, Zach’s every step is being planned and manipulated by the evil sorcerer, Throat. As Zach makes his journey, little does he know he is being led into a trap which could ultimately lead to his death and the destruction of the world he has promised to save.

‘The League of Doorways’ is Book Two in ‘The Doorways Trilogy.’

A copy of this title was provided via Narrator for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Be sure that if you haven’t already – check out the post for Doorways which includes a video clip of the narrator, Fred Wolinsky, as he is voicing the story.   While we don’t have a video … you can listen to a sample of the audiobook here

About Tim O'Rourke

Tim is the author of over thirty novels including the No 1 bestselling 'Kiera Hudson Series, 'Samantha Carter - Vampire Seeker Series', 'The Sydney Hart Mysteries', 'The Moon Trilogy, and 'Flashes' amongst other titles.

Tim is currently working on new Kiera Hudson books and other works.

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