The Last Charm by Ella Albright

The Last Charm by Ella Albright

Ella Albright comes to the blog with her debut offering, a story of love, memories and growing up with  

The Last Charm 

When her mother left the family when Leila was a young teen, all she had left was a charm bracelet, her father and her grandfather Ray.  Full of anger and grief, Leila poured all of that into her art, after the requisite teen acting out.  But we first meet her as she’s trying to ‘explain’ the story of the bracelet after having lost it, and quickly we meet the young Leila as she’s waiting to move from her home and someone else has moved in.  

Quickly we meet Jake, only child with an abusive father, abused and quietly conforming mother and plenty of anger to share.  But Leila’s grandfather Ray sees that the young boy needs an escape from the ever-present fists and anger, and soon the two strike up a friendship – one that continues, albeit broken, between Leila and Jake for years.  

We get the stories and hopes attached to each charm – the milestones big and small, and the little worries and bits of cheer that the charms and bracelet brings the very angry (and very unsettled ) Leila – and shows us through trial and error the steps the two of them take to finally recognize and realize that their connection is far stronger than their fears.  It takes the better part of 20 years and just as many charms for Leila to come to understand her life and the losses she’s suffered – all of which we experience for good or bad, right along with her.  A lovely story of memories, sentimentality and treasured possessions – and how each can bring comfort and joy, even after years.  Leila and Jake are both so flawed and admirable, strong even when they don’t feel it, and the descriptions and growth are solidly portrayed and feel utterly plausible. A lovely story that makes you want to start your own charm bracelet tradition right away.  

The Last Charm by Ella Albright

Title: The Last Charm
Author: Ella Albright
Genre: British, Coming of Age, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Family Saga, Friendship, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Setting: Britain
Published by: One More Chapter
ISBN: 0008386560
Published on: 21 August, 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 410
Audio Length: 10 Hours: 40 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: Half a Flame

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Leila’s charm bracelet tells a story of love, a story of loss, a story of hope.

This is the story of her… and the story of Jake.

When Leila Jones loses her precious charm bracelet and a stranger finds it, she has to tell the story of how she got the charms to prove she’s the owner. Each and every one is a precious memory of her life with Jake.

So Leila starts at the beginning, recounting the charms and experiences that have led her to the present. A present she never could have expected when she met Jake nearly twenty years ago…

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely review & for posting it on your blog – it’s very much appreciated. So glad you enjoyed the book and took lots away from it. Take care & stay safe xx

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