It’s a Challenge!

It's a Challenge!

Blog Ahead is back! This time for a mini 2 week version to help get everyone ready for Summer vacation! Getting ahead with blog posts is something I think is so important. It can really lighten the stress of blogging and is great for allowing down days if you just can’t get by the blog but still want things to go live

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Blog Ahead


The Goal

To create a 2 week blogging buffer by increasing your total number of scheduled blog posts by 14.


So – the year here at I am Indeed started out really well, then unforeseen issues jumped up and bit me, and I’m running at a day or two ahead (most days)

At the moment – the only posts I have scheduled are for this upcoming weekend.  I’ll get next week’s in today and tomorrow – but I have ZERO posts scheduled that fall outside of the challenge dates of May 1st through May 14th.

While the goal is for 14 posts – I would like to state my intention of having all May posts scheduled (at 1 post per day) after the end of challenge that is 17 posts – and I would like to start into June posts. I want a 30 post buffer.

So – are you ready to ‘blog ahead”?

Here’s my dashboard image from today….. I’ll post a new one on the 7th and the 14th!



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