The Invisibles: A Novel by Cecilia Galante

The Invisibles: A Novel by Cecilia Galante

Welcome to my review of a Woman’s Fiction title by Cecilia Galante.  Please read on for the review, be sure to read the excerpt and check out the tour stops to see what other readers thought of the title. And, don’t forget to enter the tour wide giveaway where you could be one of three (3) winners of a print copy of the title.

The Invisibles

People come together and form friendships for all sorts of reasons, and often being in a terrible circumstance together builds a connection that is rock solid.  Such is the case for Monica, Ozzie Nora and Grace, friends since their teens, while their lives never quite seemed to ‘work out’ there is support and comfort in their unbreakable friendship.

There is not a real introduction into this story: you jump right into the action, and background information and secrets are revealed through flashbacks and from current interactions.  Each character comes with a unique set of issues, some from their traumatic past, others from mistakes that seem to be as a result of it, and the reveal of these issues is slowly doled out in drops, bite by bite.  For this is a story to be savored, you wonder what issues are because of their pasts and what they have overcome in spite of it. Emotionally available, the women are intriguing and interesting.

Primarily, this is a work that celebrates friendship and survival as these women are struggling to move forward in their lives, knowing that the other three will always be there.  Far from their troubles and time disrupting their friendship, their bonds remain strong as they confront the ultimate question: how much does trauma and adversity you faced as a child impact your adult life, and can you ever move beyond the problems.  A wonderful read that will keep you engaged and intrigued.

The Invisibles: A Novel by Cecilia Galante

Title: The Invisibles: A Novel
Author: Cecilia Galante
Published by: William Morrow Paperbacks
ISBN: 0062363514
Published on: 4 August 2015
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 400
Rated: four-stars
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In the vein of Meg Donohue and Jennifer Close, comes Cecilia Galante's adult debut about the complicated and powerful bonds of female friendship--a compelling, moving novel that is told in both the present and the past.

Thrown together by chance as teenagers at Turning Winds Home for Girls, Nora, Ozzie, Monica, and Grace quickly bond over their troubled pasts and form their own family which they dub The Invisibles.

But when tragedy strikes after graduation, Nora is left to deal with the horrifying aftermath alone as the other three girls leave home and don't look back.Fourteen years later, Nora is living a quiet, single life working in the local library. She is content to focus on her collection of "first lines" (her favorite opening lines from novels) and her dog, Alice Walker, when out-of-the-blue Ozzie calls her on her thirty-second birthday. But after all these years, Ozzie hasn't called her to wish a happy birthday. Instead, she tells Nora that Grace attempted suicide and is pleading for The Invisibles to convene again.

Nora is torn: she is thrilled at the thought of being in touch with her friends, and yet she is hesitant at seeing these women after such a long and silent period of time. Bolstered by her friends at the library, Nora joins The Invisibles in Chicago for a reunion that sets off an extraordinary chain of events that will change each of their lives forever.

The Invisibles is an unforgettable novel that asks the questions: How much of our pasts define our present selves? And what does it take to let go of some of our most painful wounds and move on?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Tasty Excerpt


She could hear the phone ringing in her bedroom as she unlocked her front door. Alice Walker bolted toward it, barking after each ring, as if the phone might respond. Nora hung back, struggling to get her key out of the lock, which still continued to stick, despite numerous complaints to the landlord. She tugged again. Nothing. Well, she’d have to let the machine get it. It was probably just Trudy or Marion from the library anyway, calling to ask her to pick up some more coffee beans on her way in. Between the three of them, the office coffeepot went through at least four refills a day.

“Hey, this is Nora.” The recorded sound of her voice echoed through the empty apartment. “I’m not here, but I will be eventually, so please leave a message.” Nora winced, listening. She’d gone through at least a dozen messages when she’d set up the machine, trying her voice out each time—a little happier here, more serious there—until she’d just said to hell with it and settled on this one.

There was a pause and then:


Nora’s fingers froze around the rubber grip of the keys. No one had called her Norster since she was seventeen years old. And even then, there had been only one person who had ever used that name.

A throat cleared. Then: “Nora Walker? Is this you? God, I hope I have the right number. This is . . .” There was a muffled noise, as if the receiver had just been covered, and then the faint, nearly obscured sound of a reprimand. “I need a minute, Jack, okay? Mommy just needs one minute. Now, please.”

No. It couldn’t be. Nora gave the key a final furious tug and then let go of it altogether, racing toward her bedroom. It just couldn’t be.

“Sorry about that.” The voice was back, unmuffled now and slightly raised. “Um, this is Ozzie Randol. I’m just calling to—”

“Ozzie!” Nora snatched the phone up so quickly that she almost dropped it. “Ozzie, I’m here!”

“Nora! Oh my God!”

“Ozzie.” Nora said the name a third time, as if the word itself would settle her breathing somehow, stop her legs from trembling. Her windbreaker, unzipped and loose, hung open in front of her like a mouth agape. How long had she been waiting for this moment? She couldn’t remember anymore. “Oh, Ozzie. Oh my God. Is that really you?”

Ozzie laughed. “Of course it’s really me. You know any other girls out there named Ozzie?”

“No.” A giggle emanated from Nora’s mouth like a bubble. “No, I’ve never met another Ozzie.” She sat down carefully on the end of her bed, smoothing the edge of the white comforter with the palm of her hand. Ozzie had the same laugh, a bright burst of sound that came out of a mouth so wide and lips so full that Nora used to wonder how everything fit in there together—and still looked so pretty.



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About Cecilia Galante

Cecilia Galante is the author of several middle grade, young adult and adult novels. She also teaches 8th grade English at Wyoming Seminary Prep School, and teaches creative writing in the MFA program at Wilkes University.

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