Indie Authors Rock Review: History of the Timelaws by Marise Ghorayeb


Today I have a Science Fiction offering:  History of the Timelaws  by Marise Ghorayeb

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History of the Timelaws
Marise Ghorayeb
200 Pages
Paperback and eBook
ISBN: 978-1481279062
Genre:  YA Science Fiction / Fantasy
Stars:  4
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About the Book:
Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth was raised by her oldest brother, Luke, after their parents passed away two years ago, in 1979. She’s a tough girl, capable of handling herself any kind of fight: fist, knife or magical. Growing up in a tough neighborhood taught her the first two forms of combat and she inherited the third from her parents. Now in 1981, she is surrounded by people who care deeply for her and who know not to take life too seriously. Her closest friends are the type of people who discus what color they would like to make the presidential urine where they not so careful about abusing their powers. But if the timeline changes, all of this and more could be at stake. If Elizabeth doesn’t learn to understand the consequences of time travel, her history, and the universe’s, will all be rewritten. Unfortunately as her past changes, so does her memory.

Book Review:

So – I admit to being a huge Dr. Who fan, and I had real hopes that this book would be a ‘lighter’ sort of science fiction, with plenty of simplified descriptions or details to make the story flow better for me.  Unfortunately for me, this was not the case. Although the book is incredibly well written and detailed, with plenty of intriguing characters and enough character interplay and drama to make it fun, much of the detail that could have made it a lighter read, more appropriate for the YA market were missing.

The heroine Liz is the major reason I did enjoy the story as much as I did.  At only 15, her street-smart and often humorous commentary on the multitude of creatures that threaten her quest to restore the timelaws and save the world, she is cleverly penned and always fun to watch.  Her position as leader and the occasional intrusions of family drama, as well as her ability to attack the issues from two fronts by dividing herself along two timelines is intriguing and entertaining.

There are several twists and switches from points of view from different times which took me several re-reads of sections of the book to grasp, and I did miss some more expositive detail in the sudden shifts of perspective, time and even some of the more scientifically based elements.  While it was entertaining in the overall, this lack of balance that would have made the story more accessible to more readers was a miss for me.

I was provided an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review as part of the Indies Rock promotion at I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

About the Author:

I’m a 26 -year-old Mechanical Engineer with a passion for losing myself in a good story (written or filmed). My favorites include “Doctor Who”, “Firefly” and any book in the “Young Wizards Series” by Diane Duane. Recently I’ve taken my own stab at spinning a time travel narrative. History of the Timelaws is my second published book and my first kindle title.

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