Imagine if you can……

Imagine if you can......

Imagine if you would …..

Knowing that what you have coming in for the month WILL NOT spread to cover food, medicine and shelter.  And knowing that you’ve been in this self-same situation for 455 days – or 15 months plus a week.  


Knowing that being without medication will result in the death of your partner  – and that every day you decide who eats – he’s going first because he can’t take the medicine on an empty stomach without repercussions – and that three days a week he’s basically a very dry noodle with no energy after dialysis.  

Then add in a pandemic –where his getting sick is potentially deadly (there have been 4 dialysis patients who didn’t survive that were in care at his facility).  And your getting sick means that you’ll have to isolate from one another in the only place that you’ve managed to maintain for the past months.  

Take into account the fact that EVERY agency in your area is struggling to help people – and that many have reduced services to help ONLY those with children – and that getting to any of the ‘food pantry’ sites that offer options means that you need a car – which we don’t have.  

When you add in a restricted diet, the daily stress and worry about money and the never-ending litany of “no – we can’t help you” – discouraged is not a word that encompasses the difficulties.   

And when you are spending EVERYTHING you have – as you wait for appointments with the VA and hopefully some help with permanent housing – even though you can’t keep any money at the end of the month UNLESS you stay in the streets – which isn’t safe or practical – and shelters are all too far away to get to without spending MORE money……  

Imagine that you experience  a never-ending gnawing anxiety that has you questioning everything and feeling more and more invisible and unable to go forward another step in the hope that tomorrow will bring a different answer or some help….. 

Which is why I post – regularly. And hope – and ask for help – because we can’t do it without help and while everyone is tired and weary – and worried about their own situations – ours is literally a life and death one.  With his medical issues, and the constant stress – we can’t truly let down and relax or feel confident in any tomorrow…..

IF you can help – the PayPal is – and Facebook Payments work through messenger on FB.  Our story is a long – multi-paged tome – this is just the ‘highlights’.  BUT – if you can share – that helps – everything does…. 

Thank you  

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