Hunted: Dark Protectors #3 by Rebecca Zanetti

Hunted: Dark Protectors #3 by Rebecca Zanetti

Today I have the ongoing review set for Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series, newly released in Audio!  Karen White has narrated the entire series in this form, and I am loving the whole trajectory. I’m new to the series, but it’s engaging and entertaining me, and for fans of the series, the audio has that little extra oomph that will engender all of those ‘for the first time’ memories. Allow me to present Hunted, book 3 in the Dark Protectors series.


With Dage and Talen finding their mates in Emma and Cara, the one brother who has been mated (but separated) for a century from his lady love is Connlan.  A one-night stand that went horribly pear shaped has separated Conn from Moira, and the witch is not interested in a mating of ‘obligation’. She doesn’t realize how Conn actually admires and wants her beyond the mating bond.  So, after all this time, they face off in a bar.  It sounds like a bad joke, but these two face off with sparks, words and a surprising rescue attempt.

Part of Conn’s determination to reunite with Moira is his over-the-top protectiveness, but he really does enjoy her, and wants to shore up the alliance.  Moira has the gold medal AND the world cup championship in the ‘dig your heels in” medley.  With the alliance fracturing and every sect taking sides, the Kurjans are more of a threat than ever, to the Realm and to the mates.

The action and battles in this story are non-stop, with little bits of information and intention being revealed, new threats emerging and very telling scenes with Kalin and his anger, bitterness and sociopathic tendencies.  Zanetti brings several elements to the table:  the witches utilize the laws of physics to perform their magic, the rush to cure the virus that is so damaging to shifters and others, the backstories on the shifter’s defection, the fear for Katie, Cara’s pregnancy and Janey’s continued relationship with her dream friend and her efforts to ‘make nice’ with Kalin…it never ends!

Moira and Conn are wonderful together: he’s so very patient with her acting out, and she’s very used to being able to handle herself, and fight FOR what she believes in: will she be able to deal?  In the meantime, she’s worried about Conn’s true feelings, unwilling to allow herself to feel for him.  Newsflash darlin’! You already are head over heels for him, you just don’t want to admit it until he does.  They are wonderful together, even if she is a bit harder to get to know and enjoy than the other mates. She’s that new friend you don’t quite know yet.

Karen White has gone above and beyond in this story: Moira’s Irish lilt and Conn’s decidedly alpha-warrior male, struggling to not appear smug in his “I Told You So”s are both spot on and never miss.  This series and her performance are what each listener should demand of their audio: clear, concise, decidedly unique to the characters AND their personalities, with subtle inflection changes, pauses and insets, including one that I can only describe as a ‘verbal eyeroll” (parents of teens will know this one) that enhance and present the emotional elements, add to tension and provide readers with an “I’m there” feeling.

Hands down, one of the best combinations of action-packed engaging story and narrative performance that I have encountered, this is a series that is solidly setting itself into my favorites list.

Overall Stars 5 Narration 5  Story 5

Hunted: Dark Protectors #3 by Rebecca Zanetti

Title: Hunted
Author: Rebecca Zanetti
Series: Dark Protectors #3
Also in this series: Fated, Claimed, Tempted, Consumed, Provoked, Shadowed
Genre: Paranormal Romance with Erotic Elements
Narrator: Karen White
Published by: Brava, Audible Studios
ISBN: 0758259271
Published on: 20 May, 2015
Source: Audible Communications Team
Pages: 333
Audio Length: 23 Hours: 8 minutes
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Ready or Not

Moira Dunne is a witch - the quantum physics kind. Time and space are her playthings. Which might explain why her one-night stand from a hundred years ago has turned up to "claim" her - and request her family's assistance with the war he's brewing. But the more she learns about Connlan Kayrs, the more she comes to think this is normal behavior for him....

There's Nowhere to Hide

When Conn and Moira tumbled on the moonlit grass, Conn hadn't meant to mark her as his mate for all time. She was only 20! But it wasn't easy to wait for her. It was even harder to forget her. So when he finally returns for his wicked-hot witch, he's ready to let the sparks flying. Even if he burns up in flames...

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A copy of this title was provided via Audible Communications Team for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to drug and alcohol use / violence and/or sexual content in a genre not specified as Erotic.


About Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti is the author of over twenty-five romantic suspense, dark paranormals, and contemporary romances, and her books have appeared multiple times on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. She lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her own Alpha hero, two kids, a couple of dogs, a crazy cat…and a huge extended family. She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off…and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out.   Upcoming series are: The Blood Brothers, The Realm Enforcers and The Scorpius Syndrome.