Hot Winter Nights: Heartbreaker Bay #6 by Jill Shalvis

Hot Winter Nights: Heartbreaker Bay #6 by Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis is back with the sixth book, in what I think is my favorite of her Heartbreaker Bay series.  Set in San Francisco, the little collection of buildings that surround the wishing fountain has seen more than its share of love, laughter and friendship. And now we add one more to the mix with

Hot Winter Nights

Molly Malone has spent the past two years as Office Manager at Hunt Investigations, first proving she could handle the basics, and quickly becoming indispensable to Archer and the boys: her research is impeccable, organization skills second to none – and she makes the best coffee in the building. Oh – and she does all of this without allowing herself to be over-talked, bullied, pushed or ignored by the boys, even when they are desperate to ignore her. But Molly, despite having solid friendships, a brother who is constantly on the lookout for her, a new sister-in-law and plenty of tasks to keep her busy, is bored. She wants more challenges – to be put in the field and in charge of her own case – despite the near-constant refrains from her boss and his crew that she isn’t ready.

Lucas took a bullet while rescuing an innocent in his last assignment, and is feeling more than a bit restless with the ‘doctor mandated’ resting period. That boredom also popped him off his game when after downing his painkillers, he joined the crew at Finn’s pub downstairs, and a glass of whiskey left him waking in the morning to an unknown woman in his bed and no memory of the night before. Lucas has been, for the last few years, unwilling to commit to a relationship, or even more than a second date. He’s also pulled back from his family, keeping them ignorant of his very dangerous job, and the thrill he gets. But this, with a night he doesn’t remember with Molly of all people, his partner’s little sister, he’s sure that nothing but trouble will follow.

Far more a story of Lucas and Molly as they find their relationship moving from friends to working operative colleagues to lovers, and all of the individual hang ups that they both have regarding relationships. Oh, and the action – serious action as everyone at Hunt Investigations sees that Molly, despite being mouthier than is strictly necessary, isn’t all talk – she can (and does) back it up with some seriously clever moves that she’s learned and adapted to allow for the lasting effects of her injuries. And when Lucas is first confronted with the business end of a shotgun when meeting Molly’s father, the horrifyingly hysterical realization comes to readers that these two are meant to be – even though they don’t see it themselves. Add in the attraction that leaps off the page, two characters more interested in remaining independent despite their off-the-chains chemistry than they expected, and quickly fall into the ‘no strings’ trap that, of course, ties them both up in knots to rival a macramé hammock, their fate is nearly destined. Nearly only because the operation they are both working on quickly goes pear-shaped, and both their lives are in danger…

If you’ve not read the Heartbreaker Bay series – What are you waiting for? Go Get it NOW. What’s not to like? You’ve got friends to lovers, solid friendships, puppies, Alpha males who are little more than putty when it comes to their women, a legendary fountain, issues to work through and plenty of laughs and more than a subtle push from a homeless hippie who misses nothing. And, it’s got the moments from Shalvis that everyone loves: that small-town community feel where everyone has a place and someone to watch their back, chemistry that is off the chain, puppies, snark, laughs and acceptance that all come together with a dash of magic: guaranteed to take you away on an adventure. And, better still, if you’ve read the series – this is yet another wonderful installment in the series – one of my favorites for sure.

Hot Winter Nights: Heartbreaker Bay #6 by Jill Shalvis

Title: Hot Winter Nights
Author: Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #6
Also in this series: Sweet Little Lies, The Trouble with Mistletoe, One Snowy Night, Accidentally on Purpose, Chasing Christmas Eve, Holiday Wishes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Avon
ISBN: 0062741845
Published on: 25 September, 2018
Source: Publisher
Pages: 384
Audio Length: 9 Hours: 2 minutes
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Who needs mistletoe?

Most people wouldn't think of a bad Santa case as the perfect Christmas gift. Then again, Molly Malone, office manager at Hunt Investigations, isn't most people, and she could really use a distraction from the fantasies she's been having since spending the night with her very secret crush, Lucas Knight. Nothing happened, not that Lucas knows that — but Molly just wants to enjoy being a little naughty for once...

Whiskey and pain meds for almost-healed bullet wounds don't mix. Lucas needs to remember that next time he's shot on the job, which may be sooner rather than later if Molly's brother, Joe, finds out about them. Lucas can't believe he's drawing a blank on his (supposedly) passionate tryst with Molly, who's the hottest, smartest, strongest woman he's ever known. Strong enough to kick his butt if she discovers he's been assigned to babysit her on her first case. And hot enough to melt his cold heart this Christmas.

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