#Homeless in a Pandemic

#Homeless in a Pandemic

for those of you who have followed this blog – you’ll know that my DH is dealing with complete kidney failure – the struggles with insurance led us to homelessness back in May of 2019.  For the past year and change – we have been struggling with agencies, hospitals, medication and finances to ‘make something work’ to at least keep a roof over our heads and access to food and medicine.


Update (1 August, 2020)  Repeated tweets and pleas for help have the room secure for a few more days – but left us with NO Money (<$3) to eat… anything and everything helps —  to to my PayPal email glhince@gmail.com (use friends and family to avoid extra charges)  We also can use gift cards for Door Dash (they deliver) or e-gift cards for Walmart- all to the same email as above.

Thank you


It’s been a year’s plus worth with a few days here and there that were pure ‘escape’.  Because escape is necessary especially with everything going on. 

But we’ve hit that peculiar point where, without help, we’re going to be out in the weather, with the first end in sight in about 2 weeks – and then the whole ‘rigamarole’ starts again.  As you know –  in July 2020 we were told that our rent for the room was increasing by $35.  At first glance, that’s not much – until you try to make it fit into a budget that has LITERALLY – every penny accounted for and allotted to ‘necessities’ – shelter, medicine, food and water.  That additional $140 a month (in a 4 week month) means that we have nothing for 2 weeks for food – we can’t short his medicine or water – and we both need that to survive.  

We have no hope of obtaining any further services until AFTER his appointment at the end of NEXT month with the VA  {this has been rescheduled BY the VA for 2nd week in September)– and we’ve already been informed that help from that sector could take up to 12 weeks –but expect nothing before 4 weeks after the paperwork is complete.  If it were JUST us doing the paperwork – it would already be completed and waiting – but it’s not up to us to get it done. 

Being at the mercy of someone else – to file paperwork, to get things done with some semblance of urgency –while we get to wait and hope is possibly the most difficult and frustrating. For help that he is ENTITLED to and we should get.  We’ve been turned away from every agency – foodbanks require you arrive in a car and wait for them to deliver items to you after a wait (that is averaging – 2 hours).  We don’t have a car.  We can’t wait about in a cab, or a ride share – and afford it.  Not having children under 17, not being drug or alcohol dependent, etc., etc….. we’re ineligible.  But PLEASE – we need the help – the heat that is gripping the east coast is also hitting here – 90 degree (average) with humidity, pop-up thunderstorms and no shelter isn’t a fit place for anyone –let alone a veteran with kidney failure. 

IF you can help – the PayPal is glhince@gmail.com and Facebook payments work through messenger.  Every bit helps – $200 by noon tomorrow and we’ve got the room and should (hopefully) be able to squeak through.  Shares help – everything does.  Thank you 

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