Gumshoe Santa by David S. Henderson ~ Review and special offer

Back just over a year ago, I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to read David’s first published collection of short stories.  It is called Broken Christmas – and if you click on the small thumbnail photo, your browser will open a new window with that review.  I’m bringing this up David S Hendersonagain, as David has a special offer for those who purchase and read Broken Christmas – a finalist in the Big Al’s Books and Pals top books of the 2012 year!    I’ll let David explain his idea…. 

Last summer I was in Gatlinburg Tennessee and something was going on, the place was crawling with Santas. I guess there was a Santa Claus convention going on nearby, there had to be, the town was crawling with chubby men with long white beards and medium length white hair. For the three days I kept running across jolly old elves wearing t-shirts and bermuda shorts. I kept getting the feeling they were trying to get by unnoticed, but they didn’t, they stuck out like fat little Santas in t-shirts and bermuda shorts.

I struck up a conversation with one of them, it turned out he was a car guy and we chatted about muscle cars. At some point he told me what he did for a living, he kind of slid it into the conversation saying, “I’m an investigator.”

I could let the fact the guy looked dead on Santa Claus go by without asking, but this I couldn’t let slide, I made the time-out sign with my hands and asked, “Like a private eye?” He nodded.

I always figured private detectives would need to blend in with their surroundings in order to be effective. The thought of this guy tailing someone and the subject of that tail peeking over his shoulder and repeatedly seeing Santa Claus, got me started thinking.

I ended up with the story Gumshoe Santa, which once completed, I decided to do something fun with. I added a secret code to the end of Broken Christmas and will send a copy of Gumshoe Santa to anyone who emails me the code (the Secret Santa Ciphered Message).

I’m giving readers this holiday season a little extra reason to plunk down their hard earned $.99 and download Broken Christmas:Three Stories of Christmas (2013 Big Al Books and Pals Readers Choice Award Finalist) to their E-readers. I hope everyone enjoys reading both Broken Christmas and Gumshoe Santa as much as I enjoyed writing them. And if you look around and keep seeing Santa ten steps behind you, you may want to think twice before you do something you shouldn’t.

~ Merry Christmas,  David S. Henderson

Gumshoe Santa by David S. Henderson ~ Review and special offer

Title: Gumshoe Santa
Author: David S. Henderson
Genre: Holiday Themed
Published by: Self-Published
Source: Author
Pages: 12
Rated: five-stars
Get Your Copy: Amazon iTunes

Gumshoe Santa - the tale of a grizzled Private Investigator who closes a case on Christmas Eve by delivering a gift to someone who really needs one.

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Book Review: 

This is a bit different from offers that you may be familiar with.  David has penned another delightful short story in Gumshoe Santa: at approximately 20 pages, it allows the delight of the season with a young boy’s imagination, and finds a touch of redemption and better choices made for a Private Detective who hasn’t always stayed on the right side of ethically correct.

Particularly amusing is Oscar’s conversations: both with other people in the retelling, as well as his own dialogue with the reader.  A perfect fit for the collection: these are curl up by the fire and devour sorts of shorts, something to be repeated often.

***Now – what I have done is provide you the cover art for Gumshoe Santa: but the purchase links are for Broken Christmas.  Why?

Gumshoe Santa is a Bonus Story –  a delightful Christmas tale that  fits in with the other stories.  It is only available if a reader emails the Secret Santa Cyphered Message that is currently listed at the end of Broken Christmas.  They email the code to,
I email back the story.  There are no instructions with the Secret Santa Cyphered Message in the book, it is just listed at the last page of the book.

** So – you BUY Broken Christmas … You Email the 8 digit code at the end of the book to you get the 4th story

What could be simpler than that??

About David S. Henderson

One day while David Henderson was cleaning his basement, he found a box containing the start of the first story in Broken Christmas, “Fourth Wish,” written twenty-five years earlier on an Apple II Plus computer, printed out on a dot matrix printer on tractor-feed paper. Dusting it off, he decided to finish writing the story instead of cleaning his basement.

For the last two and a half decades David’s career has centered on creative thinking and developing new ideas. In his field the commonly held tenet is that new ideas must be different, with the next idea being completely unlike the first. When it comes to writing, David believes stories are meant to entertain and make the reader feel something. The feeling can be any number of emotions including empathy, hope, or humor. With these convictions in mind, David produced the three short stories in “Broken Christmas.” He hopes you enjoy reading them as much as he enjoyed writing them. He wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season, and yes, the basement finally did get cleaned.

Look for another book from David publishing in late December.