GROWL: Blog All About It in June

GROWL: Blog All About It in June

It’s June – and while it is also super-busy with AudoBooks – it is time for a new blogging prompt


Oh sure – it could be about reclaiming your power, or releasing a tirade on inanity – or perhaps even that low-level series of daily frustrations that never quite seems to abate, no matter HOW much you do. It could also be just a combination of all of those things – where one frustration takes precedence over others at a specific time of day, or event.

But, something holds true with all of those — sometimes you just gotta (in the words of Elsa) Let It Go.



Right now – there’s several things that make me want to growl.

The political discourse that is laden with screaming from the highest office with little sense and even less leadership.

The apparent unwillingness of ordinary people to do the work, separate fact from fiction and choose wisely before blindly babbling.

The constant friction and tension between authors and readers – that both demeans readers as those ‘too stupid’ to recognize issues as they pop up, and the authors who believe that trademarks and copyrighting simple, common words is a way to ‘save their brand’.

The never-ending TBR pile that has me wanting to read ALL THE PRETTIES, but even though I read fast, I can’t get through the triple stack of titles I want to read yesterday…..

The fact that I don’t have my own Dobby to take over this ‘just clean enough’ house and make it sparkle – letting me have more time to read.

Post sets – which take far too much time, even as I want to share the books I love with the world.

Laundry – that is waving to me from the hamper, quietly calling my name. (another task for a Dobby)

And, the fact that, again, I need to fill my coffee cup.


Just what makes you


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    • It’s a near daily struggle – it’s why most of my “now” energy is spent on reading: If I really hate a character I can throw the book.

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