Goodbye 2020…

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Happy New Year

2020 is over and if the best I can say for it is we survived – that’s enough. Many can’t say that much, particularly with the pandemic, the willful ignorance and constant attack on truth, science, humanity and common sense perpetrated by the GOP and the squatter in chief.  

It wasn’t ALL bad though, and the things that surprised many also were reinforced in our situation. Support and friendships, concern, HONEST caring and community can be found. Even at distance. Even in isolation.  As difficult as it can be – there is a certain poetry and justice in the fact that you can be caring and compassionate, to worry about and check in with others – just to help them feel (and yourself) a little less ‘out on an island alone’.  

While I would not wish our struggles or life on anyone – what it has shown me is that we (and I) are far more resilient and tougher than I ever could have imagined. And while I still have moments melting down over something ridiculously simple and stupid and it is ALL I can do in that moment: there is always a moment when it is over. And things return to this new normal where melting isn’t the current need of the moment, and there’s time to move on to the next thing.  

In these challenges and static moments that seem to never end – one thing holds true. We keep moving. Sometime forward, occasionally horizontally, even back a step or two –but the world didn’t end, we didn’t experience a ton of repercussions, and we’re still able to take the next step. None of this is permanent (I can only believe that) and these struggles and challenges are preparing us all for something different, better and new.  

In this new year – may your joys be many, your sorrows few. May challenges become small steps in the path forward, and setbacks keep you facing forward despite a moment of doubt, May you all find power and support in friendship, whether near or far, for that connection – even when you feel most disconnected and alone, is essential for us all.  Most of all – think of today as the first day in three hundred and sixty-five new starts to do with as you will……. 

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