Goodbye 2014 – the wrap up and some numbers…..

2014 at I am, Indeed

As always, it’s been a year of ups and downs with plenty of challenges, tons of books to read and a whole new slew of adventures!

Let’s start with the book-fun! Goodbye 2014

I’ve added some new sources – Sourcebooks, Kensington, Hachette Audio, Simon & Schuster Audio, St. Martin’s, Penguin and have been slowly but surely working on adding more publishers and audio publishers to the lists.

A personal goal was to add more content for parents and young readers – while I won’t ever be a solidly YA-Only or delve completely into titles for young, middle-grade and teen readers, I am reviewing both print and audio titles that are ‘child friendly’ so you can nurture the love of reading in the younger people in your life.

I cracked the Top 500 at Amazon – and what an unexpected (and thoroughly exciting) event that was.  I’m holding steady in the mid 400’s – but what that means is people are marking my reviews at Amazon as “helpful” in their purchase decisions.  You can see me at Amazon, and check out my review list here 

Also – at Goodreads I dropped in at the end of 2014 at #115 reviewer – which is pretty dang cool.  I wrapped the year with a total of 635 books read / reviewed for the year …

Lastly – because apparently blogging and reviewing isn’t enough, I added two more hats to the arsenal.  The first is BippityBoppityBook Author Services.  I wanted to have a place where I could focus on Author Assistant services  – from simple things like helping authors make media kits to setting up website plugins, mailing lists, etc. You name it – I can most likely find a way to do it.  I also have been managing some virtual book tours, proofreading and editing, and formatting both print and eBooks.  We also have a full Website Design and management option – where we can design, manage, maintain and update your site, or just do the tweaky bits.

I also accepted a position as a Senior Editor with First Realm Publishing, a new small publishing house focused on the fantasy / sci-fi / paranormal genres.

That’s the end of the shameless self-promotion – let’s talk challenges

2014 was a good year for AudioBooks — I set a goal of 25 or more.  I hit the “or more” goal and then some with 121 titles reviewed.  You can see an indexed list by month of the challenge totals here

I entered several challenges for reading and blogging this year as well

Historic romance challenge was books/audiobooks over 100 pages, set before 1920.  I set a goal of Level 5 – between 61 to 80 titles – and completed the year with a Level 7 – 130 titles read.  You can see my indexed list here

Erotic romance challenge is a 100 page or more title in which the sexual / erotic component is a major part of the story, or the focus of the story.  I set a goal for Level 5, again between 61 – 80 titles read – and finished the year with a Level 6 with 98 titles read.  You can see my indexed list here

Those were the ‘year long’ challenges – but three others popped in for some new and fun moments

Clean Up Your eReader in March 2014 –  This challenge is meant to get you clearing out those free and nearly-free titles that everyone collects and forgets to read – I opted for “Deep Clean” level of 10 titles, but only managed to link out a “Spring Clean”level for titles that were hanging about waiting for attention.  I did not link in ARC’s from publishers, or NetGalley or Edelweiss copies …. still a result if not what I had hoped for.  You can see the tracking here

Armchair BEA – June 2014. This was an impulse add for me – but I loved every moment with participation, prizes and tons of great reads / recommendations and suggestions on tap for Review Bloggers and readers.  6 Days of absolutely frenetic energy with lots of great topics, information and fun to be had.  See my post index here.

Blog Ahead: NaNoWriMo Bloggy Style: November 2014.  A chance to ‘get ahead’ by pre-scheduling posts, setting up memes, and generally setting yourself up to jump into the holidays, or start the new year.  The goal was to end the month with 30 posts scheduled from December 1 forward.   I ended with 44 total set – 12 were audio, and I just needed to make sure that I don’t make a day too full~

So that was my challenges for the year – a nice mix to keep it more than just “a blog with reviews” and to encourage and motivate!

That’s the year at I am, Indeed in review with some simple numbers.

See you in 2015!


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