Men Are Frogs: Fairy Godmothers, Inc, #1 by Saranna DeWylde

Men Are Frogs: Fairy Godmothers, Inc, #1 by Saranna DeWylde

Saranna DeWylde comes to the blog with the second in her Fairy Godmothers, Inc, series  

Men Are Frogs  

Quirky and clever with several twists, turns and characters you’ll want to know all populate this story on the way to the HEA.  And “if there isn’t an HEA, the story isn’t over.”  Zuri just had one of the worst experiences EVER as a wedding planner: realizing that the wedding she was planning was for her long-term boyfriend – to someone else.  Of course, in this day of everyone is a filmmaker – it went awry, and her dream career seemed to go up in smoke just like the wedding dress the two-timed bride set on fire. An opportunity to leave Chicago and head to Ever After in Missouri, to become their wedding planner seemed too good to pass up for this woman who had only ever wanted to give people spectacular wedding celebrations on the way to their happily ever after.  

And Zuri does believe in romance, the magic and all that – despite being dinged up by her last relationship. But, putting that all behind her – she’s heading off to the little town, in hopes that everything will change.  She’ll miss her twin sister Zeva and is hoping that she can help Zeva with her own dream to bring the kids she works with some happiness,  

Phillip some three hundred years ago had insulted the fairy godmothers by dating two of them at the same time. Now cursed to live his daylight hours as a frog, he’s spent his nights rethinking his own choices and becoming a better man. But when his froggy self meets Zuri, he’s all in. Despite her being new to the area and not quite clued in on the magic that is real, at least in Ever After.  

With a host of characters including three meddling godmothers with plenty of snappy interactions between them, an evil queen who isn’t quite as evil as she’d have you believe and a beastly best friend for Phillip that lives in the catacombs of the castle that serves as both the local B & B and a protective helper providing what is needed (or thought to be) to those it likes and those who ask nicely- the story is cute, clever and surprisingly nuanced with discovery of self, growth, self-sacrifice and above all, love. It’s true meaning, the hope it provides, and the happiness that it engenders just by existing. DeWylde doesn’t stint on the fairy tale references either – as Zuri is a huge fan of The Princess and the Frog, using the music and Tiana’s songs to  cheer her and help her motivate.  Add that to the fact that the characters are diverse (beyond being talking birds, foxes and magical, and the story is cleverly cast with someone for everyone.  

Men Are Frogs: Fairy Godmothers, Inc, #1 by Saranna DeWylde

Title: Men Are Frogs
Author: Saranna DeWylde
Series: , Inc. #2
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance, African-American, Animals, Comedic Elements, Fairy Tale Remix, Family Saga, Friendship, Humor elements, Interracial, Multi-Cultural, Reimagined Classic, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Women Sleuths
Published by: Zebra
ISBN: 1420153153
Published on: 27 July, 2021
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 320
Audio Length: 9 Hours: 35 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameHalf a Flame

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Disgraced wedding planner Zuri Davis is so relieved to be offered a job with Fairy Godmothers, Inc., she's willing to trade the high-rise excitement of Chicago for the small-town charm of Ever After. Falling for one of her grooms, even unintentionally, was enough to destroy her career--and also to prove that all men are indeed frogs. But when she meets gorgeous B&B owner Phillip Charming, who definitely lives up to his name, even she is tempted to test that theory . . .


Three hundred years as a frog by day and himself by night, is enough to test any man's patience--even if Phillip knows he deserved Petunia's curse. It certainly taught him not to mess around when it comes to making promises. And stubborn, proud Zuri is a woman he'd like to promise his heart and everything else to--if only he weren't a sometimes-frog. Can he hope for True Love's Kiss from a woman whose trust has been so thoroughly broken?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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