Finding Miss McFarland: Wallflower Weddings #3 by Vivienne Lorret

Finding Miss McFarland: Wallflower Weddings #3 by Vivienne Lorret

Today I have the third book in a series that I have enjoyed: Finding Miss McFarland from Vivienne Lorret. This is part of a Tasty Book Tour, so be sure to check the other tour stops and be sure to enter the tour-wide giveaway where you could win Digital Set of DARING MISS DANVERS and WINNING MISS WAKEFIELD.

Book Review:

The third, and my personal favorite of the series, Delaney McFarland is an absolute delight and her fears and worries, and utter discomfiture when faced with the very eligible and very standoffish Griffin Croft. Fortunately for this couple, there are also several very mischievous siblings and a young foundling in training who are sure to keep the couple in close proximity as often as possible.

Delaney’s debut was delayed for further ‘buffing’ of her rough edges, as far as society is concerned she is a topic of gossip from her father’s generous dowry and her rather inglorious debut when, after arriving late and being accosted by some particularly loathsome cousins, she cast up her accounts all over the polished shoes of the heir to the Earldom, Griffin Croft. Putting her beleaguered stomach up to nerves and some horribly soured punch, Delaney’s sole focus is to find a man to wed her, yet allow her separate home and hearth, and half of her generous dowry returned for her to manage.

Griffin’s father is ill, and as the next in line for the title, he must marry and produce a male heir to be certain his sisters and mother will be cared for after his father’s death. He is to inherit from an uncle, who has rarely had a kind word or thought for his named heir: a right bully of a man who found Griffin the boy a shy and retiring sort, too willing to struggle to please him.

The story is a simple game of cat and mouse: from Delaney’s attempts to avoid Griffin at all society events, to developing a friendship with his all too meddlesome sisters and her own younger sister, far too ready to play in the game of matchmaker. Delaney has watched her parent’s marriage suffer from love taking a back seat to want of money, and she is afraid to chance love should she end up unhappy and in the colonies nursing sick relations as her mother has done. Bright, caring and tendency to speak without filter, Delaney has determined to do good for those who aren’t offered a chance, and can only do that with control of her own fortune.

Griffin is determined not to just marry because he must. His parent’s relationship is loving, caring and an example to what he desires. But no woman sparks an interest. At least until a flame haired, violet eyed debutante disgraced herself at her debut. From hinking of her in passing, to finding her constantly on his mind – Griffin will give up the need for an heir and securing his family circumstances if only to have Delaney by his side, forever.

Vivienne Lorret created a story rich in detail and emotion, with characters who all have believable and solid reasons for not wanting attachments, but presenting them with an attraction and simpatico that is hard for even them to deny. With clever moments of humor inset with the machinations of the characters to meet or avoid one another, and a cross country six day flight from her fears, this story is both captivating and quick reading. Each story in this series has a clever female lead, but Delaney with her self-censoring, quick temper, and even more determined sense of purpose makes her a favorite of mine.


Finding Miss McFarland: Wallflower Weddings #3 by Vivienne Lorret

Title: Finding Miss McFarland
Author: Vivienne Lorret
Series: Wallflower Weddings #3
Also in this series: Winning Miss Wakefield, Daring Miss Danvers, Tempting Mr. Weatherstone
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by: Avon
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Fans of historical romance authors Lorraine Heath and Sophie Jordan will adore Vivienne Lorret's latest Wallflower Wedding novel. 

Delaney McFarland is on the hunt for a husband—preferably one who needs her embarrassingly large dowry more than a dutiful wife. After the unspeakable incident at her debut, Delaney knows marrying for love is off the table, but a marriage of convenience—one that leaves her free to live the life she chooses—is the next best thing, never mind what that arrogant, devilishly handsome Mr. Croft thinks. Delaney plans to marry for money … or not at all.

Ever since the fiery redhead burst into his life—in a most memorable way—Griffin Croft hasn't been able to get Miss McFarland out of his mind. Now, with the maddening woman determined to hand over her fortune to a rake, Griffin knows he must step in. He must help her. He must not kiss her. But when Griffin's noble intentions flee in a moment of unexpected passion, his true course becomes clear: tame Delaney's wild heart and save her from a fate worse than death … a life without love.

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


Delaney had never run from any challenge in her life. Yet for the first time, she was doing exactly that. She’d spent the entire journey home from Springwood House fabricating a terrible but wholly necessary lie. “In short, Emma needs me, and I will not abandon her,” Delaney concluded. She managed to continue eye contact throughout the entire untrue tale. After scrutinizing her for no fewer than four entire minutes without a word, her father offered a nod. Apparently, he was in no mood to argue. Delaney did not pry. Instead, she turned to go to her room to pack a few things. She was grateful that convincing him had been so simple. One must not look a gift horse—“Before you go,” he said, his commanding tone raising the downy hairs on her nape. She stilled and then slowly turned back. “Yes, Father?” Gil McFarland’s thick wiry brows straightened into a flat line over his icy blue gaze. “Miss Pursglove is not my only source of information regarding your behavior. I trust you understand what is expected of you.” Under normal circumstances, such a statement would raise her ire. She loathed being treated like a wayward youth instead of a fully grown woman of marriageable age. Marriageable . . . Griffin Croft had proposed marriage. She still couldn’t believe it. More than that, she couldn’t believe how much she’d wanted to accept. Yet when she’d refused him, he’d surprised her even more by offering her everything she wanted—a marriage in name only, the key to her freedom, a life without the fear of falling in love and having her heart torn to pieces. The only problem was, she’d already fallen in love with him. Now her heart lay in a tangle like last Season’s ribbons. She could barely meet her father’s gaze. “In regard to your expectations, I am without a doubt of my worth.” And with that, she quit the room while trying to hide the anguish she felt. A short while later, Delaney stood in her chamber, packing only the essentials into a satchel. Miss Pursglove entered her room without knocking, announcing her presence with an austere sniff. “Friend or not, if you leave before dawn as you’ve planned, irreparable damage to your reputation will result.” Delaney was in no mood for this. “I’m certain, with your extensive training, you’ve learned that eavesdropping is impolite.”  “You are on the verge of breaching a line that can never be uncrossed,” the wretched woman hissed. “Your behavior is unacceptable.” “Never fear, I’m sure Father will merely add to my dowry, making me irresistible,” she spat back, hands on hips. Her temper was climbing quickly, as if in defense of her own broken heart. The rage felt much better than complete and utter despair. Miss Pursglove sneered, her dark eyes narrowing as she stepped further into the room. “You are rich, to be sure, but there is a certain degree of character even the most basic husband requires.” “You forget yourself, Miss Pursglove,” Delaney warned. “You are an employee, not a part of this family.” “Do not think for a moment that it has been easy for me to withstand the association. My only accomplishment here has been instructing your sister. You defy me and the rules of society, again and again. In the end, I cannot stand by quietly and let you sully my name as well.” Raising her voice, she pressed a fist to the center of her own bosom. “If your father will say nothing, then it falls upon me. You will not leave this house!”


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USA Today bestselling author, VIVIENNE LORRET loves romance novels, her pink laptop, her husband, and her two sons (not necessarily in that order … but there are days). Transforming copious amounts of tea into words, she is an Avon Impulse author of works including: Tempting Mr. Weatherstone, The Wallflower Wedding Series, The Rakes of Fallow Hall Series, The Duke’s Christmas Wish, and the Season’s Original Series.

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