The Summer Island Festival by Rachel Burton

The Summer Island Festival by Rachel Burton

Rachel Burton returns to the blog with a story of coming home to find yourself and your future with  

The Summer Island Festival  

Growing up on the Isle of Wight meant that Willow always dreamed of something different: even with best friends and first love right at home.  With folk singing parents and a mother who now makes instruments, she never felt creative or musical enough to stay, and found her life in finance in the ‘big city’ after her parents divorced.  Now having avoided all of her past and family for the past years after meeting the man she planned to marry, when she couldn’t go through with the marriage – she ran home. Partly to find herself, partly to regroup before her next foray into her career.  

Sulking about never really fit, and with her mother pushing for the smaller festival that has run for 20 years on the island, she needed the help – and Willow was handy and knew everything – a perfect option for her to spend a few weeks sorting things out. It turns out that her ex-fiancé was also having an affair with her bridesmaid – and when returning to her ‘old life’ is patently impossible, perhaps jumping back even further will help.  

Enter (or re-enter) her first love Luc. He’s on the island ostensibly to write more music for his next album. He’s really there to try and recapture his ‘old self’ before the panic attacks and writer’s block hit.  There’s still a spark with Willow – everyone sees it – but the two are tentative and many secrets are keeping them separate.  It takes some time, some revelations and for Willow to understand that her own anger over her parent’s divorce and the questions about Luc leaving without saying a ‘real’ goodbye are going to need to be worked through – before she can heal and move on.  And with ALL the secrets finally out in the open – the festival is going on and everyone has a chance for a new normal, even on the tiny island.  

Burton combined past issues, current issues, secrets, an undeniable attraction and some serious self-reflections and honesty to come up with a story that both felt plausible and possible. Willow and Luc are wonderful characters, the pacing moved carefully through the two and their issues, their flashbacks and their new moments, and allowed for a satisfying read.  

The Summer Island Festival by Rachel Burton

Title: The Summer Island Festival
Author: Rachel Burton
Genre: British, Contemporary Romance, Dual Narration, Family Saga, Friendship, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Setting: Britain
Published by: Aria
ISBN: 1800246064
Published on: 4 March, 2021
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 352
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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When Willow walks out on her own wedding, there's only one place she can go: Seaview village, on the island she once called home. But she's not the only islander back for the summer...

Twelve years ago, Willow ran away to the mainland after her childhood sweetheart, Luc, betrayed her. Luc has since become a heartthrob musician, touring sold-out stadiums around the world, but he's finally come home to headline the island's annual music festival – and to win Willow back.

As Willow untangles her messy past, she stumbles on a secret that could destroy the island's fragile community – and her second chance at love...

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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