Favorite Scent ~ Blog All About It – March

Favorite Scent ~ Blog All About It - March

It’s March and time for another Blog All About It, this prompt is Favorite Scents.


Favorite Scent -BAAI- March

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to anything that smells good – from cookies baking, to cinnamon to fresh lilacs and roses. There’s little that I don’t like about changing my mood and attitude (particularly after having the house closed up for winter) than a gentle scent wafting through the house.  It can even help with stress reduction and sleep…. so here’s a few of my tips.

I still use liquid dish soap for quick rinses and ‘delicate’ dishes that need hand washing. And nothing makes the chore less a chore than a wonderful scent.

Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap ~ Rosemary ~ 16 Oz.

This is bright, crisp and clean – and the soap is SUPER concentrated, so it doesn’t take a ton to get a nice batch of bubbles that clean…..

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Room Freshener ~ Lemon verbena ~ 8 Oz.

I have this in both Lemon Verbena and Lavender -both provide a light, fresh scent without getting overly ‘perfumey’ or overwhelming… the 8 oz bottle lasts me about 2 months of daily spray – I use it in the HVAC vents, a quick spritz in the pantry, or even in the bathroom. There’s a freshness and “spring” sort of sense with these two scents.

Lastly – I’m addicted to candles…. I have several scents from Yankee Candle – but each is specific to use for me…

Bedroom candle is

Yankee Candle – Lavender Vanilla

About 2 hours before bedtime – I light this and let it burn – the soft scent is relaxing and slightly sweet, and lavender is promoted as a relaxing scent… it really works!

And I’ve got a ton of candles and scents – specific for use…

Welcome Spring – Lilac Blossom
Car Scent  ~ Clean Cotton
Atmospheric Reading Scent  ~ Midsummers Night 

And lastly – when I want it to smell like baking but I don’t want the calories ~ Kitchen Spice


There are so many ways to effect and affect your environment with a simple addition of scent…….

12 responses to “Favorite Scent ~ Blog All About It – March

    • I’ve just finished organizing mine – and hoping to get up north this summer to get to the factory – their factory store is marvelous to get lost in for a few hours…

    • I try and keep it simple – and change mostly just the candle scents regularly depending on the way I feel in the day…

  1. Lavender smells in the bedroom are good but I’d never remember to light it a while in advance of going to bed. I’m too disorganised for that. 🙂

    • most days I start it when I start making dinner… I’m so used to it now it’s just routine. But it did take me a while to get that routine started.

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