Fangs for the Memories: Half-Moon Hollow #4.5 by Molly Harper

Fangs for the Memories: Half-Moon Hollow #4.5 by Molly Harper

Who wants a cute vampire contemporary romance? Molly Harper has been an audio favorite of mine with her Half-Moon Hollow Series, full of the occasionally wacky but always intriguing vampires, werewolves, ghosts and humans.  Read on for my review and a short excerpt from  Fangs for the Memories the newest installment that presents Andrea’s story of how she came to love Dick Cheney.

Book Review:

One of my favorite escape listens are the audio stories from Molly Harper, set in and around Half-Moon Hollow Kentucky.  The narration for these snarky, occasionally outrageous and always unique stories featuring a motley group of supernatural superfriends and the humans who love them are full of unexpected laughs, lots of heart, the occasional (or not so) misadventure and plenty of dysfunctional family dynamics to amuse everyone.

In this story, we are treated to Andrea and her life, or her life that led up to her relationship with Dick Cheney. No, not that hunter’s beware Cheney, but the Civil-War era Cheney, now vampire, and his curiously malleable adherence to the law, attraction to cheesey t-shirts and unending charm.  Andrea is a new resident, taking up in Half-Moon Hollow as a surrogate, utilizing her connections with the council to earn a living after a rather tumultuous and short university experience that ended her family relationship as well.  She’s introduced to Jane early on, and this story brings us into the story after a death.

I like Andrea, and Dick, despite his questionable morals, is truly a romantic and caring vampire: hoping to be able to protect (at surprising cost) those he cares for.  While Andrea is struggling with issues from a failed relationship and the struggles that she had to finally consider herself independent, she’s finding that loneliness is a true burden, one not easily resolved. When a new client meeting goes horribly awry, it is when she sees the value and merit in knowing Dick, and having him consider her a friend, one that he could fall in love with.

Full of the humor and often inappropriate utterances, clever references to other characters and the ability to revisit some of the more outrageous moments in the series through eyes that are slightly more removed from the middle of the action, this story is perfect to present Andrea’s history, and provide readers of the series some fun moments.  Best read in order, this series is truly fun and engaging, keeping you laughing and intrigued almost from the first page.

Fangs for the Memories: Half-Moon Hollow #4.5 by Molly Harper

Title: Fangs for the Memories
Author: Molly Harper
Series: Half-Moon Hollow #4.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal
Published by: Pocket Star
ISBN: 1476794545
Published on: 2 November, 2015
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 80
Audio Length: 3 Hours (approx)
Rated: four-stars
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Half-Moon Hollow’s supernatural social event of the season—Zeb’s Titanic-themed werewolf wedding—is coming up, and Dick Cheney (not that Dick Cheney!) needs a date. But Andrea’s had enough of clever, handsome, and rakish to last a lifetime, and Dick Cheney is certainly not the sort of man you bring home to mom (not that Andrea’s deadist parents are speaking to her ever since she dropped out of college and became a blood surrogate.) Shameless, relentless, roguish, with a Stetson-worthy swagger, a naughty sparkle in his eyes, and a constant smirk—oh, and fangs—no, Dick is the last person (er…vampire) Andrea wants to date.

But the infuriatingly irresistible man who lives quietly on the edge of a criminal underworld knows exactly what he wants, and once he surprises Andrea with a thrilling hot and dirty kiss behind the paranormal bookshop, she knows what she wants too: Dick. All it takes to ignite their unconventional courtship is a near-undeath experience that confronts Dick with a choice between turning Andrea, losing her forever, or tapping into his countless shady resources in this hilarious and heartwarming enovella.

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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I held my breath, staring at his open mouth as the tip of his nose brushed down my cheek. He was breathing heavily, despite the fact that he didn’t have to breathe at all. He lunged, and it was all I could do not to flinch. But instead of the pain I’d expected, I felt his lips, smooth and cool, against my own.

My eyes popped wide open. Dick threaded his fingers through my hair and cupped my cheeks in his hands, angling my face so he could get better access to my mouth.

Holy hell. I was kissing Dick Cheney.

And Dick Cheney was a pretty incredibly freaking good kisser.

Dick’s hands skimmed my jaw, slid down my shoulders to my ribs, and settled around my hips, pulling me even closer. He bit down gently on my bottom lip with his blunt teeth, making me gasp. He groaned into my open mouth, sliding his tongue between my lips and letting it dance with mine.

I twisted my fingers in his hair so I could arch against him, because I didn’t seem to be touching him enough. We had too much space and far too many layers of clothing between us.

I’d had lovers in the last few years: nice, stable guys who treated me with respect and were about as exciting as a lukewarm bath or cold oatmeal. This was hot and dirty . . . and sort of uncomfortable with the brick scratching at my back. I could feel the excitement building in my chest, the thrill of something illicit and ill-advised. I hadn’t felt this way since college. I hadn’t felt this way since Mathias.



I would not make this mistake again. I’d worked so hard to put this sort of flawed decision making behind me. My hands went cold and a shudder ran down my spine. I couldn’t believe I’d fallen into this trap again. Grief did indeed make people do strange, stupid things. I would not be a funeral sex statistic.

But I was still kissing him.

Oh, no.

About Molly Harper

Molly Harper is the author of two popular series of paranormal romance, the Half-Moon Hollow series and the Naked Werewolf series. She also writes the Bluegrass ebook series of contemporary romance. A former humor columnist and newspaper reporter, she lives in Kentucky with her family, where she is currently working on the next Southern Eclectic novel.

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