Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch: Valentine Valley #6 by Emma Cane with Excerpt

Let’s return to Valentine Valley where everyone knows your name (and your business) with Emma Cane’s latest release. Please be sure to check out the other tour stops, don’t forget to read the excerpt and be sure to enter the tour-wide giveaway where you could win a Print Bundle of the Valentine Valley Series including: A TOWN CALLED VALENTINE, TRUE LOVE AT SILVERCREEK RANCH, A WEDDING IN VALENTINE, THE COWBOY OF VALENTINE VALLEY, A PROMISE AT BLUEBELL HILL, and SLEIGH BELLS IN VALENTINE VALLEY.

Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch

I’ve only read one of the earlier titles in this series, but the feel-good, homey vibe of this story could not have come at a better time this year.  Emma Cane’s stories are just that, comfy and cozy, like curling up in the best ever comfy chair with cocoa, cookies and a good book. You can’t beat that ever.

In this book, Lyndsay De Luca is living the dream, or is it a nightmare? A math teacher in town, she’s secretly harbored a desire to be a published romance author, and her dream is coming true. But revealing this secret, and the rather steamy book, could damage her reputation. But that’s not worst of all: her hero is based on her long-term crush, Will, and now people will see and know.

Will Sweet is the man of Lyndsay’s dreams, yet ostensibly untouchable. The death of his high-school sweetheart wounded him deeply, and he can’t move past his feelings of guilt for not doing more to protect her. Closed off from his feelings, he won’t allow another person to get close to him, and while women are a constant diversion, none are around long enough to penetrate his walls.

Lyndsay’s personality and approach are delightful: she’s strong, smart, cares about her work with kids and can’t quite reconcile the Will she fantasizes about with this casual yet closed-off man that he is now.  Starting with a solid friendship, you can see the sparks between them, but Will’s ability to ignore big flashing neon lights is a true gift.  He’s intrigued, but scared, so ignore seems to be his go-to option.  Until little by little, his friendship with Lyndsay starts to work magic on his own guilt and fears.

Watching these two dance around their attraction and connection, well, when Will finally removes his blinders and sees, is a lovely and sweet story to follow. Their relationship grows organically, with readers cheering them both on from the start.  Interactions and repeat appearances from characters from earlier stories add a nice touch, and a touch of meddling, but everyone can see that these two are meant to be. The joy is seeing them get there.

A perfect story when the weather is rainy, the pollen is aggravating and you just want to be assured of a smile and some warm fuzzies, you won’t go wrong with this book.

Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch: Valentine Valley #6 by Emma Cane with Excerpt

Title: Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch
Author: Emma Cane
Series: Valentine Valley #6
Also in this series: Sleigh Bells in Valentine Valley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Avon
ISBN: 0062323423
Published on: 28 April, 2015
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 384
Audio Length: 9 Hours: 26 minutes
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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The only thing hotter than a cowboy... 

Math teacher Lyndsay De Luca never surprised anyone-least of all herself-until this summer. First, she secretly published her debut romance novel. Then she started dating Will Sweet, the cowboy of her dreams. And now Lyndsay’s scrambling to hide the juiciest tidbit of all: that the hazel-eyed hero of her steamy fiction is the same guy whose kisses have become her mind-blowing reality. 

Is a cowboy in love. 

Ever since Will’s high school sweetheart died in a tragic accident, he hasn’t been able to commit to a long-term relationship. Lyndsay is the first woman in years who’s been able to catch-and keep-his attention. She’s fascinated by his work at Sweetheart Ranch, and a glance from her gorgeous brown eyes sends Will’s thoughts wandering. Will she be the one to finally break down the walls around his guarded heart?

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Tasty Excerpt


Lyndsay jumped, recognizing Will. She could have kicked herself for the reaction. She didn’t like having secrets that made her nervous. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Will frowning at the poster.

Kate smiled at him. “So you’re against political promotion?”

“’Course not, but don’t you remember who’s running for reelection?”

He glanced from Kate to Lyndsay, who tried to think up an answer but floundered.

“My grandmother,” Will answered patiently. “She’s run unopposed for a couple years now.”

“The democratic process at work,” Lyndsay said lamely. “Will she be upset?”

“Probably—not that that matters. Anything the widows do usually upsets her.”

Lyndsay eyed him with sympathy. For as long as she could remember, the widows of the Widows’ Boardinghouse hadn’t seen eye to eye with Mrs. Sweet, the elegant, patrician owner of the Sweetheart Inn. Lyndsay often thought Mrs. Sweet could be brought down a peg or two, but a grandson probably wouldn’t think the same thing.

“What’s their feud all about?” Kate asked him.

Will shrugged. “They don’t talk about it. My dad did tell me there was something about a Beautiful Baby contest in the sixties, and one of them or the other cheated. We think it goes back farther than that. It all seems kinda weird.”

Lyndsay and Kate exchanged a smile. “That usually sums up the widows,” Lyndsay said. “Although not usually your grandma,” she hastened to add.

Will gave her his white-toothed grin, the one that sent feminine hearts fluttering in concentric circles out around him. And now she’d become just as affected?

“My grandma prefers the term ‘eccentric,’” he said. “Hey, I gotta get back to the team before Mrs. Thalberg sees me and starts asking my grandma’s stand on their upcoming historical projects.”

Lyndsay held back a laugh as he pretended not to see Nate and Josh waving at him from where they stood at either banner pole, adjusting it an inch one way or another for their grandmother.

“Will’s such a goof,” Kate said, shaking her head as they went to sit in the stands. “Did you know he was going to ask me out on a date last fall if Tony and I hadn’t gotten back together? He actually asked Tony’s permission!”

“You can’t be surprised.” Lyndsay shielded her eyes to watch as the Tony’s Tavern team took to the field. “He’s running out of women of legal age to date in Valentine Valley.”

Will Sweet never had a serious emotion in his life, his dating history being the perfect example. He was a serial dater, never with one woman for long. Not that the women complained all that much—and Lyndsay knew them all, living in a small town like Valentine Valley. He treated his dates well and attentively until it was time to end things, usually in a month or two. But there were women in Aspen, Carbondale, and Basalt, too; otherwise, he would have long ago run out of dates.




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About Emma Cane

Emma Cane grew up reading and soon discovered that she liked to write passionate stories of teenagers in space. Her love of “passionate stories” has never gone away, although today she concentrates on the heartwarming characters of Valentine, her fictional small town in the Colorado Rockies.

Now that her three children are grown, Emma loves spending time crocheting and singing (although not necessarily at the same time), and hiking and snowshoeing alongside her husband Jim and two rambunctious dogs Apollo and Uma.

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