Eternal: Carolina Beach #2 by Cecy Robson

Eternal: Carolina Beach #2 by Cecy Robson

You met Logan in his sister Trin’s tale, Inseverable.  Now take a moment to see just how Logan’s story brings healing and happiness in


Logan and Luci are wonderful together: both are in need of love. The kind of love that enriches and excites, accepts and enjoys you, just how you are.  The Summers family loves and supports those in their family and circle, and none have needed that support more (even as he resisted it) than Logan. Bruised, with the belief in his own ability to love, enough, Logan will become your next book boyfriend, one that you model your choices on. Upstanding, strong, determined and oh so totally protective, he’s got it all. When a chance meeting puts him face to face with Luci, the most interesting woman in the room: he’s intrigued and more than impressed, never thinking that an impulsive decision would be one of the best ever made.

I’ve excerpted some of my initial notes to Cecy after the first read-through of this story….

It’s a gentler story than Trin’s exuberant puppy attitude toward Callahan – and that let the whole gamut of Landon’s fears and depression and Luci’s worries / guilt / shame build into their own characters and give their chemistry and moments together – when they actually experience that simpatico and joy that is so tied to the hope of finding someone just so right for them, that makes it a truly strong bond…

Eternal: Carolina Beach #2 by Cecy Robson

Title: Eternal
Author: Cecy Robson
Series: Carolina Beach #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Cecy Robson LLC
ISBN: 19473300X
Published on: 24 October 2017
Pages: 306
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After months of bad luck and even worse men, Luciana Diaz just wants to crawl under the covers and forget the year ever happened. Her friend has other plans, convincing Luci to attend a New Year’s Eve party on the affluent shores of Kiawah Island.

Luci never expected to have fun. She also never expected to wake up naked next to a stranger, or for this man to be the new partner at her firm.
Landon Summers is done with drama. After an ugly separation and even worse divorce, he has no desire to jump into another relationship.

When his sister Trinity drags him to a New Year’s Eve party, he doesn’t plan to stay long. One drink. A few hellos, and he’s out. Until he meets Luci, the first person in months to draw his smile and incite his passion.

Neither Luci nor Landon planned on each other, and they definitely didn’t plan on love. But the New Year means a fresh start, and eternal possibilities neither could deny . . .

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About Cecy Robson

Cecy Robson is an author of contemporary romance, young adult adventure, and award-winning urban fantasy. A double RITA® 2016 finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, and a published author of more than sixteen titles, you can typically find her on her laptop writing her stories or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.

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