Escape: Blog All About It in September

Escape: Blog All About It in September

I’ve not been in the frame of mind to actually plot and plan an escape of late – things got busy and then frantic, a few computer issues and more of the same when it came to setting up the new systems…. I don’t have TIME to escape. So I have to take tiny little mini-breaks from the daily routine and just put my brain (and myself) elsewhere.

My perfect escape pod – particularly when things are as topsy-turvy as they’ve been the past couple of years is to turn off the news, avoid facebook and immerse myself into a read. Sometimes new stuff, but more often than not I’m reading (or re-reading for the umpteenth time) an old standby. Books and stories are like old friends that always present their stories in a familiar and comforting way. A bit like the best cuddly jammies and warm socks, or the blanket that never fails to feel warm and cozy, these escape read moments where I can tune out the world (and the noise) and just hide away somewhere else is a little vacation all of its own.

And, when things get particularly overwhelming there’s nothing like a long soak with bubbles and oils


Bubble bath

What’s your great escape without going anywhere option?

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