The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn

The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn

Adrienne Chinn comes to the blog with a story that travels through miles and time to reunite a family and find new direction with  

The English Wife  

This story is told in several parts, with different perspectives: all which build on one another to present a story that leaves readers with a solid sense of a circle coming to completion.  Sophie is an architect, heading to New York on September 11th when her plane is re-routed to Gander, Newfoundland.  Never actually “ hearing the story of her aunt, living in Newfoundland since the war, Sophie decides to ask the locals about her – and soon finds herself immersed in family she’s never met, in a place that is utterly foreign to her.  

Sophie’s aunt Ellie married a Canadian serviceman during World War II, in effect fracturing her relationship with her sister Dottie, and moving to Newfoundland as soon as possible. A big change for the girl from England, with a now disabled husband who was prone to drink, a mother-in-law who didn’t accept those from “away” and the beautiful but often stark landscape and life on “The Rock”.   While Ellie was struggling with adjusting to being far away from family and all she knew, Dottie was nurturing her grudge, trying to ‘make it big’ and always keeping tabs on Ellie’s former boyfriend, the man she’d had a crush on for forever.  

Add in the widower of Ellie’s daughter, his hearing-impaired daughter, the story of how Ellie came to Newfoundland and Dottie came to marry her former boyfriend, and answers to Sophie’s questions all start to be answered. Until the planes are again functioning and she leaves to pursue her own life – not to return for years.  With soliod history and background, easily accessible emotions and struggles and the unique flavor and approach to life that is found in Newfoundland, Chinn has created an engaging story that blends beauty and struggle and comes up with an opportunity for a second chance at life and happiness for Sophie.  

The English Wife by Adrienne Chinn

Title: The English Wife
Author: Adrienne Chinn
Genre: Contemporary Elements, Dual Timeline, Family Saga, Historic Elements, Historic Woman's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humor elements, Second Chance, Setting: Canada
Published by: One More Chapter
ISBN: 0008387001
Published on: 25 June, 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 400
Rated: four-stars
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Two women, a world apart.
A secret waiting to be discovered...

VE Day 1945
As victory bells ring out across the country, war bride Ellie Burgess' happiness is overshadowed by grief.

Her charismatic Newfoundlander husband Thomas is still missing in action.

Until a letter arrives explaining Thomas is back at home on the other side of the Atlantic recovering from his injuries.Travelling to a distant country to live with a man she barely knows is the bravest thing Ellie has ever had to do.

But nothing can prepare her for the harsh realities of her new home...

September 11th 2001

Sophie Parry is on a plane to New York on the most tragic day in the city's history.
While the world watches the news in horror, Sophie's flight is rerouted to a tiny town in Newfoundland and she is forced to seek refuge with her estranged aunt Ellie.

Determined to discover what it was that forced her family apart all those years ago, newfound secrets may change her life forever...

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Adrienne Chinn

Adrienne Chinn was born in an old paper-making town in Newfoundland, and grew up in rural Quebec and Montreal. She retraced her English father’s footsteps back to England, where she now lives and works as an interior designer.

When not writing or designing, she can normally be found in the queue at Gatwick heading off somewhere new: she travels all over the world, but most often to her beloved Morocco, which she has been visiting regularly for over ten years.


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