Elephant in the Room by Diana J. Febry

Book Review:

What I have discovered in reading Febry’s books is that she excels at people watching, and asking the questions, or providing answers about their motivation. Each character has a complete set of flaws and insecurities that provide an insight into their motivations and actions. Refreshingly unapologetic, those who behave badly are given solid background that explains their reasoning, if not a clear empathy, for those acts.

In this story the narration is mostly provided by Penny, a woman in the midst of a personal crisis who is diverting her attention to her own issues to help the man she feels is giving her reason to live. A twisting and complex plot, with several players with their own secrets, all seeking to use Penny’s willingness to help and her seemingly innocent belief in all that she is told to manipulate a situation to their own advantage.

Full of twists and turns, Penny is seeking to bring a family reconciliation to a family that is torn asunder by secrets and lies, some important enough to kill for. Emotionally gripping, the story is a chase through the countryside that causes Penny to question everything she thought she knew, and forces her to face reality in a way she never dreamed possible.

If you are a fan of mysteries that are chock full of characters to love and hate, even some you want to slap some sense into, than Diana J. Febry is the writer for you. You will not be disappointed in this story.

I was fortunate to be a beta reader for Ms. Febry, and she was gracious enough to provide me a paperback copy of the final version of this book. I was under no obligation to review this book, and do so honestly without compensation. All conclusions are my own responsibility.

Elephant in the Room by Diana J. Febry

Title: Elephant in the Room
Author: Diana J. Febry
Genre: Contemporary Mystery
Published by: Wings ePress
Source: Author
Pages: 362
Rated: five-stars
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Penny Jackson is slowly re-building her life after the abrupt end of her marriage, when she falls in love with the charismatic hotelier, Robert Carver. When dark unspoken family secrets start to surface, Penny has to re-evaluate everything and rely on her own wits to stay alive.

About Diana J. Febry

Diana J. Febry is a British writer, married with two children. When not writing she is happiest roaming the countryside on her horse or chatting in the quiet corner of a pub