Éire’s Viking: Éire’s Viking Trilogy # 2 by Sandi Layne with Teaser and Giveaway!

Today I have an historical romance with vikings!  Don’t forget to check the other tour stops to see what others thought, and do enter the tour-wide giveaway here where you can be one of two winners of a $10 Amazon or Barnes Gift Card sponsored by Sandi Layne, author of Eire’s Viking.

Book Review:

An all-encompassing story with great detail and research, this was an intriguing story that provided no end of opportunities to learn.  I do, however, have to let readers know that reading this second in the trilogy before the first book will create some confusion, as will the initial introduction to the story with various point of view changes and inclusions.  The story does start to make more sense further in, but I didn’t expect such a challenge as I had not read the first in the series.  Additionally, there is a large element of the story that is concerned with the conversion of the characters from their own native religious beliefs (Thor and the Viking gods) to the monotheistic Christianity.  Without a warning or mention of this thread in the blurb, it may be off-putting to readers, and I was completely taken by surprise.

What I can praise is the detailed research and logical inclusion of the factual elements into this story, keeping the fictional thread solidly grounded in the real world, even if it is a world very unfamiliar to many of us.  The story wends through a sweet romance between Aislinn an Irish woman and healer and the Viking who has arrived on the shores in need of healing.

Despite the confusion, the story did move forward with reasonable pacing, and I was intrigued and engaged early on.  I will admit that the heavier passages about conversion and the angst laden moments for Aislinn when she is concerned that the difference in their faiths will make it impossible to love him were passages that I didn’t read as thoroughly, although I found them to be wholly appropriate in feel and intent for the time. People were much closer to their faith beliefs that we are today, even the most devout, and I wholly believed in Aislinn’s quandary (even if I don’t necessary agree).

While not necessarily the book for me, I do think that many others would find this series captivating and engaging.


He gripped her wrist, surrounding it entirely in his palm while he stared at her. His jaw worked but no sounds came out, save a frustrated grunt.

Concern cooled the blood rushing to her cheeks and she tried to cover her embarrassment by sniffing and pulling his head down to check his bandaging. Both hands bracketing his head, she puffed out a breath and found the edges of the linen. Before she could untuck the closing end of the fabric, though, she felt his eyes on her and swallowed.


The bright blue of his gaze was suddenly hot. Hot and filled with something that made her stomach flutter as if occupied by a tiny bird. She felt drawn into his eyes, frozen as his hands came up her arms, the fingertips resting just under the short sleeve of her léine. Her own fingertips trembled against his bandaging and his expression shifted in a way she couldn’t define, exactly. Blushing, she decided to pretend that she wouldn’t be thinking about that look all day and shook her head to make the idle idea go away.

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