Driven to Distraction: Lovestruck Librarians #5 by Olivia Dade

Driven to Distraction: Lovestruck Librarians #5 by Olivia Dade

The first I’ve read from Olivia Dade, this just happens to be the fifth title in her Lovestruck Librarians series, but fear not, it worked perfectly well on its own, and this story with a bookmobile, a strong and potty-mouthed heroine and a sweet IT guy had plenty to love.

Driven to Distraction

Constance (Con) Chen is a Chinese-American, kick-ass, steel toed boot wearing, potty-mouthed heroine with a love for books, the ability to do her own DIY, and never at loss for the ‘right’ book for each patron.  Her life has been filled with raising her siblings, fitting in and rebelling against her Chinese heritage, great friends and a job she loves.  She’s prickly unless you rate as one of “hers” she’s brusque, no-nonsense and does not suffer fools, flirting or relationships.

Sam Wolcott is the new star of the library’s IT department, and just happens to be one of Con’s best friend’s baby brother. Everyone LOVES Sam – finding him charming, smart and just an all-around great guy. But he and Con fight like cats and dogs, sniping at one another  constantly, when they aren’t panting with lust that is. He’s new in town, moved there to be close to his sister Penny, and has always believed he’d have a wife, a large family and plenty of love to go around,

The writing in this is wonderful: sharp wit mixed with clear voices give even the briefest scenes life and heart. The dialogue and push-pull between Sam and Con is wonderful –his desire to make a relationship, and her clearly thought through (although never expressed) desire to continue her life just as it is make for a wonderful story. With the addition of Con’s family and friends, you have a true sense of the story in its place, and there is a clear path. Until there isn’t. These two are stuck in the perpetual loop – with Con “keeping it light” and Sam pushing for more, the end-result (an engagement) is all he sees. But Con has other plans, that she never disclosed or shared, and to say Sam was devastated, and issues that should have been discussed were left untouched until far too late.

Oh how I wanted these two to find the time to discuss instead of assume, and perhaps they could have found some middle ground. But, they didn’t and while their openness came late, they did manage to find and define what will bring them each happiness. A wonderfully engaging book with plenty of real-world feel in terms of friends, family and issues that often are too hard to voice aloud.

Driven to Distraction: Lovestruck Librarians #5 by Olivia Dade

Title: Driven to Distraction
Author: Olivia Dade
Series: Lovestruck Librarians #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Interracial
Published by: Lyrical Shine
ISBN: 1601837992
Published on: 17 January 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 100
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Constance Chen is not the demure kind of librarian. Sure, her high-horsepower ride is Big Bertha the Bookmobile, but Con swears a blue streak, does her own home improvement, and wears steel-toed boots. She has a tight circle of friends, a demanding, beloved sprawl of a Chinese-American family, and a strict hookups-only policy when it comes to men. Her life is just how she wants it. Except for one maddeningly sexy footnote.

Sam Wolcott, her friend’s baby brother and the library’s IT star, has been throwing sparks with Con since he moved to town. To everybody else, he’s a thoughtful, sensitive sweetheart. To Con, he’s a cantankerous pedant, because if they don’t fight nonstop their clothes will spontaneously combust. Sam needs a commitment Con won’t—can’t—give. And neither of them will chance their hard-won bonds for pure lust.

Too bad Con and Sam have a whole week in a very tiny, very private space to sustain their dumb arguments. Alone. What happens in the Bookmobile might take their resistance right out of circulation . . .

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Olivia Dade

Olivia Dade grew up an undeniable—and proud—nerd, prone to ignoring the world around her as she read any book she could find. Her favorite stories, though, were always romances. As an adult, she earned an M.A. in American history and worked in a variety of jobs that required her to hide her bawdy interior under a demure exterior: Colonial Williamsburg interpreter, high school teacher, academic tutor, and (of course) librarian.

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