Dreaming About Daran: Whitsborough Bay #3 by Jessica Redland

Dreaming About Daran: Whitsborough Bay #3 by Jessica Redland

The final book (as of now) in Jessica Redland’s Whitsborough Bay series is on the blog today – a woman’s fiction / romance title that tells the tales of friends and their lives, as they change in unexpected ways. Please read on for my review of

Dreaming About Daran

Having met Claire in earlier books, and finding her a bit of a conundrum, not always in a positive way, I was curious to see what was behind her prickly exterior. And when an author is writing about a character that engenders so much negativity from her behavior, it’s interesting to see just what that character’s story is.  While I am more familiar with the lighter tone that is a highlight of Redland’s title, Claire’s story starts with more tumult and angst, and we have to work for those lighter moments.

And Claire has a story, and while I thought that she was often quick to dive into ‘poor pitiful me’ mode, particularly with her best friend Ben, she did surprise me more than once with the growth and development she showed.  Albeit some was gained after much kicking and screaming, but the wounds from a rough childhood did often rise to the surface in childish behaviors.

But, Redland did keep me intrigued – despite it all, Claire is funny and does use her humor to fob off discomfort.  What was better for the story and my enjoyment in Claire was her realization

that in her friends she has the support and acceptance that was so lacking at home. With plenty of twists and turns as she uncovers one after another secret buried nearly two decades earlier in a tiny village outside Cork, the ability to unravel her own fractured past while finding ways to settle and align her past and present as a fully functional being, with a new outlook on life that is far less cynical and jaded.

Dreaming About Daran: Whitsborough Bay #3 by Jessica Redland

Title: Dreaming About Daran
Author: Jessica Redland
Series: Whitsborough Bay #3
Also in this series: Searching for Steven
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction
ISBN: 9781910869130
Published on: 18 August, 2016
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 350
Rated: four-stars
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After the success of "Searching for Steven" and "Getting over Gary", this is the much anticipated third and final instalment of the Whitsborough Bay series.

Sometimes, you can run from the past, but you can’t hide. Since the age of sixteen, Clare O’Connell has lived her life by four strict rules:
1. Don’t talk about Ireland
2. Don’t think about Ireland
3. Don’t go to Ireland
4. Never let anyone in
And so far, it’s worked well. She’s got a great career, some amazing friends, and she’s really happy. The future’s all that counts, isn’t it?
However, when her boss insists she travels to Ireland to repair a damaged relationship with a key client, Clare finds herself drawn back to the small village of Ballykielty where she comes face to face with the one person she’d hoped never, ever to see again.

With the door to her past now wide open, the first three rules have gone out of the window. Can Clare stick to rule number four?

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Jessica Redland

Jessica lives on the stunning North Yorkshire Coast in England which provides the inspiration for the setting of her debut books. She works in Human Resources by day and writes by night. Being a mum, Brown Owl and bootcamper fill the rest of her waking hours