Dream a Little Dream: Sunshine Valley #3 by Melinda Curtis

Dream a Little Dream: Sunshine Valley #3 by Melinda Curtis

Melinda Curtis returns with the third installment in her Sunshine Valley series, filled with love, laughter, drama and the meddling seniors in this small town with  

Dream a Little Dream  

Darcy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and now with much of her family in jail for their past bad acts, she’s trying (and has tried) to overcome the stigma of being a “Jones” in a town that she believes will never let her forget it.  Her one constant and true friend has always been Jason: since landing himself in hot water as a child, he’s always been on Darcy’s side – and the two formed a bond that is stronger than either one of them ever understood. But while Jason chased his dreams, money and fame on the bull riding circuit, Darcy was working on moving forward: going first to university then on to law school all under the patient tutelage of George Harper, local judge and man who always kept an eye on her.  

With everything in tumult and Darcy feeling very alone, she accepted George’s proposal of marriage when she believed Jason had moved on. Her reasoning was that she owed George something – and in return George would walk her through her law courses, protect her with his name and polish up her rough edges. But now he’s gone and has manipulated her into taking the ‘appointment’ as judge in his stead: giving her a step up.  Of course, he didn’t go quietly –as he’s constantly speaking to her from the grave: but she’s not the only one.  With the Widow’s club of Sunshine Valley working their magic to ‘match’ deserving people, one of their own finding her ‘mojo’ again and looking for the opportunity to date again, and the ladies now focused on Jason and Darcy as Jason is healing from a major injury – the story just winds and weaves into a series of laugh out loud moments, a gaseous and toothless dog, some overt and covert interference from George’s true love and one time housekeeper, Darcy’s own lack of confidence and shame about her family name – and of course, Love.  

Much like the first in the series, Curtis uses laughter, confidence (or lack of), attraction and some well-meaning (or not so) interference to get her characters into places that they need to be. Friendships and connections between the people in town (and a few new entrants to the Sunshine Valley community) a bit of ‘new tech’ used to bring everyone together (after much masterminding from the Widow’s club) that sense of community and goodwill, and some true moments where hearts and minds are searched, changed and settled make this a lovely story – fun, uplifting and hopeful.  

Dream a Little Dream: Sunshine Valley #3 by Melinda Curtis

Title: Dream a Little Dream
Author: Melinda Curtis
Series: Sunshine Valley #3
Also in this series: Can't Hurry Love
Genre: Assimilation, Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Dual Narration, Friendship, Grief, Humor elements, Romantic Elements, Second Chance, Small Town
Published by: Forever
ISBN: 9781538733486
Published on: 23 February, 2021
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 352
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne Flame

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A small-town judge meets her match in a rodeo star troublemaker, but soon they may both end up targets of the town's matchmakers in this delightful and heartwarming tale of romance.

Darcy Jones Harper is thrilled to have finally shed her reputation as the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. The people of Sunshine Valley have to respect her now that she’s the new town judge. But when the bad boy who broke her heart back in high school shows up in her courtroom, she realizes maybe things haven’t changed so much after all . . . because her pulse still races at the sight of him.

Jason Petrie wants to make amends for the mistakes of his youth—starting with the woman he never stopped loving. Darcy may not believe that he really intends to quit the bull riding circuit and stick around this time but Jason vows—with the help of the matchmaking Widows Club—to pull out all the stops to convince her that they both deserve a second chance.

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