Don’t Judge a Book by its Magic by Kate Policani : Review, Author Specials and Giveaway

Today I am happy to present another independent author, Kate Policani and her book
Don’t Judge a Book by its Magic.   You will have a chance to read about the book, see information on upcoming installments in the series, read a review and find out where to see more by this author.  Additionally, two international readers will have a chance to win their own eBook copy!

About the Book:

Colleen is a normal girl. She loves shoes, chick flicks, and cute clothes. The only thing abnormal about her is that she’s just become a magician; not the disappearing bunny kind, but the power-shooting-out-of-your-hands kind of magician.

Her problem now is that she doesn’t believe in magic. Well, she believes in it. She’s seen it shoot out of her own hands, but she opposes it in a moral sense; no hexes, no spells, no incantations, no potions, no amulets, no tomes, no casting circles, no eye of newt, none of that. She has to be very clear because people pressure her about it. Whatever they say about “how it’s done,” this is a morality issue for her and she will not cave in to their pressure.

Join Colleen at Seattle Pacific Regional University, where she becomes a part of The Convergence. She’ll learn the freaky side of Work Study, Financial Aid, and Vyxhepiocht. Seriously, she’s never seen so many hot guys. It’s going to be wild!

The Review:

This was a clever and funny, page-turning read.  Once you get past the lack of vowels in the various names for magic, spells and witches that the Convergence have deemed as “politically correct”, the story continues with the unique twist on the basic witchcraft / wiccan paranormal story.

Colleen is addicted to books, considers herself a Rubenesque redhead with hazel eyes, and is planning on relaxing during this last summer before starting at community college.  All that changes when she finds a book that opens a whole new world to her, and her ‘hidden powers’ are revealed.  Far from being a smooth transition, Colleen is poofed off to the SPRU to begin her adventure.

Written with a smooth hand and a sense of humor that instantly endears Colleen to the reader, we are treated to her sarcastic quick wit that never quite leaves her even in times of stress. Characters are introduced and developed in a way that both serves the plot and develops them with characteristics that are found in many people you would meet on the street.  In addition, the author has included photos from sites around Seattle that decorate the pages as well as provide an “I didn’t know that” moment to readers who may not be familiar with the city.

This is a book that is perfectly suitable for a young adult reader as well as adults: while there are romances, they are mostly chaste and reside in the realm of adoration/flirtation rather than adult situations.  Colleen also is far different from other newcomers to witchcraft that we are previously acquainted with, as she refuses to speak spells preferring not to mess with the natural order of the world. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, giggled often as I was reading, and will anxiously await the next steps in the story.

 I give Don’t Judge a Book by its Magic  5 Stars!

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Magic
Kate Policani
194 Pages
ISBN:  9781301431533
Paperback and eBook

*I received an eBook copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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About the Author:    Hello, My name is Kate Policani, and I’m a compulsive fiction writer. My first story was called “Super Cat”. It wasn’t good, it was horribly spelled, and the idea was mostly plagiarized. Every journal I own begins with a few days of my life and the rest is a hastily-scrawled record of whatever story came out. Ideas come from my dreams. I think about my stories in bed as I drift off to sleep. I often wake at three am with a writing revelation. I might be dreaming up romance stories in the line at the DMV or texting a poignant line for my main character to my email address from the bathroom at the mall. I live in Seattle, Washington with my wonderful husband and three energetic children. Most of my writing is done to the sound of my children’s voices, and is interrupted every few sentences. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here are some teasers for the rest of the series.

Book 1: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

In the first book, Colleen has just become a power-shooting-out-of-your-hands kind of magician. But she morally opposes a lot of the Teimnydduus techniques and traditions. She encounters a lot of pressure her about her stance on something everyone else takes for granted. She is forced to move into Seattle Pacific Regional University’s Mag-O dorm, separated from the family and friends she’s always counted on, and plunge into life in The Convergence. She has to learn the hard way about Work Study, Financial Aid, and Vyxhepiocht. There are hot guys everywhere, but she meets three with whom she feels a supernatural connection. Which one of them will save her from the dreaded Matchmaking department?

Book 2: Sorcery Loves Company

Colleen may think she has her new life in The Convergence all worked out, but things are not what they seem. Those she trusted don’t necessarily have her best interests at heart, and she finds herself back in the hands of the Matchmaking Department. There are more hot guys to handle, and more trouble to face than she planned for. When her parents stumble onto campus, she’ll have to call in all the favors she’s owed and put her faith in people she never expected to count on. Can she keep her parents safe, keep her hands off “Naughtie Hottie” London and the ethereal Benjiro, and pass her economics class? Plenty of new friends and enemies will join in the struggle, because…sorcery loves company.

Book 3: All Is Fair In Love and Magic

Ben has been a perfect gentleman, and that’s the problem. He stepped in when Colleen needed him most, but his perfection is cramping her style. What’s a former Skupdyn to do when her life goes high class and she’s still trying to figure out which fork to use and which Txenar to pull? She wants to live up to his standards and be the girl he thinks she is, but can she do it? Meanwhile, Luthais is making it hard to prioritize her party manners and focus on her confusing ethics class. Is he keeping secrets from her?

The series should have a total of five books, unless I think up more exciting adventures for Colleen. She’ll meet the royalty of the convergence, encounter more betrayal, and discover secrets she was never prepared to handle. And yes, there will be lots more hot guys!

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