Don’t Call Me Cupcake: The Holloway Girls #1 by Tara Sheets

Don't Call Me Cupcake: The Holloway Girls #1 by Tara Sheets

Debut author Tara Sheets comes to the blog today with a magical romance set on an island off the Washington coast. Please read on for my review of

Don’t Call Me Cupcake

Emma and Juliet Holloway are the last left on Pine Cove Island, cousins with a special magical inheritance (if not much money). Emma is known on the island as a baker of some talent: her cupcakes sold at her shop Fairy Cakes bring hope, healing, peace and determination to those lucky enough to sample them. When Hunter appears in the shop, she offers him the cupcake she feels will best help him in his endeavors, a cupcake that brings success. It isn’t until she discovers that he’s the owner of the new restaurant that will cause her struggling bakery even more problems, that she discovers her mistake.

It’s been a struggle with dwindling profits, a house that is falling down around her, and now, a new puppy that her cousin Juliette has dropped off. With the upcoming summer festival, source of her plans to pay off both a mortgage, her shop rent and perform necessary repairs now a joint venture between her and Hunter – she’s convinced that no good can come of this, no matter how intriguing the man is.

Throughout the story, we are treated to Emma’s reliance on routine and specific information: a mother with wanderlust, an unknown father, a childhood as one of the ‘weird” kids, and the struggles with her business, relationships with anyone but her very opinionated house aren’t in Emma’s plans. But Hunter makes all of those worries dim….. at least momentarily, even as she and Juliette with her ‘plant magic’ are planning a special cupcake to encourage Hunter to move on and far far away.

So damn cute and adorable, especially with the sentient house that has very decided and definite opinions about the people in Emma’s life. And that connection with Hunter, that they both are determined to ignore, until they can’t ignore the pull…. Both Hunter and Emma, with a tiny bit of advice and pushing from other townspeople, finally come to their senses in the most dramatic ways possible. But, it’s the sweetness of their interactions (when they aren’t bickering), and the electric chemistry that mixes with the wondrous magical moments that weave through the recipes, the plants, and even the island. A lovely start to a new series – and plenty of fun for those who want a different flavor of bakery story.

Don’t Call Me Cupcake: The Holloway Girls #1 by Tara Sheets

Title: Don't Call Me Cupcake
Author: Tara Sheets
Series: The Holloway Girls #1
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Published by: Zebra
ISBN: 1420146262
Published on: 24 April, 2018
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 304
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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There's a very special kind of sweetness to life on Pine Cove Island . . .
Most families have a favorite recipe or two, handed down through generations. The Holloway women are a little different. Emma Holloway, like her grandmother before her, bakes wishes into her delicious cupcakes, granting the recipient comfort, sweet dreams, or any number of good things. It's a strange gift, but it brings only happiness. Until gorgeous, smooth-talking newcomer Hunter Kane strolls into her shop, Fairy Cakes--and Emma makes the mistake of selling him not one, but three Sweet Success cupcakes.

Hunter, it turns out, is opening a fancy new restaurant and bakery right on the waterfront--Emma's competition. To make matters worse, the town committee has decided to split the upcoming summer festival contract between the two, forcing Emma to work with her nemesis. But she can't afford to split her profits. The solution: create a recipe that will make Hunter leave town permanently.

The Holloway charms are powerful. But there are other kinds of magic in the world--like red-hot first kisses, secret glances, and the feeling that comes with falling truly, madly, inconveniently in love . . .

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Tara Sheets

Tara Sheets is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and women's fiction. Her debut novel, Don't Call Me Cupcake, is a winner of the 2016 Golden Heart® award sponsored by Romance Writers of America®. It is the first in The Holloway Girls series, available from Kensington Publishing.

Tara began her career as an author in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by the rain and the misty mountains and the rivers of Starbucks coffee. She now lives in the warm, wonderful South where she can stand outside with no coat on, and she finds that pretty inspiring too.

When not writing, Tara enjoys life with her book-loving family and a book-eating dog named Merlin.


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