The Difference Between You & Me by Celia Hayes

The Difference Between You & Me by Celia Hayes

A new to me author, Celia Hayes is on the blog today with her rom-com / chick-lit tiitle, with big changes and bigger options for the main character. Please read on for my review of

The Difference Between You & Me

Told in first person POV, there is some adjustment needed to find the joy in Trudy. A city-girl with everything as she expected: fab flat in London, a fiancé that fits her lifestyle, a wonderful job where she is in line for the next big promotion and only a few hiccups with her family and soon-to-be mother in law. Things are moving according to plan until she’ s informed that her next position will be in Scotland, not a city but a small town, and she will have to turn around the fortunes of a failing bank.

Not so terrible (oh wait, perhaps it is) until she sees the bank, convinced the employees hate her, her new housing is below her standards, hell, even her internet is down (GAH). Even worse, the pub owner, as gorgeous as he is, seems to have issues with her: if their back and forth is any indication. She’s such the fish out of water here, and she takes no time in informing people of those differences.

There’s a solid sense of humor running through this story: the banter and conversations are delightful easy to imagine the expressions and the subtle digs, or not so subtle, as they play at Trudy’s confidence and solid sense of “getting on with it to get to the end goal’ sort of attitude. And her two days with no internet, no access to social media, and the adjustments she must make to acclimate herself to the quiet after the bustle of London is delightful, and here is where her own personality takes over, allowing readers to engage more fully and start to find the rhythm in her thoughts, as we are privy to most of them.

The relationship with Ethan is lovely: from her initial reactions when, dismayed by the weather, the town, her position at the bank and most decidedly the fact that it is NOT London, the two are bickering back and forth with jibes, subtle and not so. But, Ethan has a large prat to play in her life, from his ‘always’ being there, to a clear understanding of and place in Turriff, he’s able to provide a space that, despite her initial reactions, is welcoming and comfortable. And there is no harm in the fact that their chemistry is palpable, even electric at times, as the story moves on. Light and fun, with plenty of laughs even as Trudy is making some life-altering decisions, this is the perfect get away from it all sort of book, if you are willing to persevere through the early chapters and let Trudy come to show herself to you.

The Difference Between You & Me by Celia Hayes

Title: The Difference Between You & Me
Author: Celia Hayes
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Published by: Aria
ISBN: 9781786694270
Published on: 1 March 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 302
Rated: three-stars
Heat: One Flame

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Can stepping out of your comfort zone lead you to ultimate happiness?

Trudy Watts has everything she's ever dreamed of: a job that she loves, a successful boyfriend and an ultra-modern apartment in one of the most fashionable parts of London. With a long-awaited promotion due to come her way and her wedding just around the corner, Trudy's life is just perfect...
That is until catastrophe strikes and her life is turned upside down. She's transferred to Turriff, a remote Scottish town to manage a small, struggling bank branch.

Her arrival is traumatic and she wishes she was anywhere but here... Until she sees him – Ethan, the charming pub landlord, who seems to enjoy nothing more than to tease her. And it's right there, in that pub, that her life will suddenly change...

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Celia Hayes

Celia Hayes works as a restorer and lives in Naples. Between one restoration and another, she loves to write. Don't Marry Thomas Clark reached no. 1 in the Amazon Italian Ebook chart.

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