Delays, returns and news

It’s been several weeks (I know) since I last posted to the blog. But – I have a very solid, and good, reason

This Happened


That is two broken fingers and a very swollen hand in a splint.  While fortunately, not the dominant hand – the pain and swelling – and immobilization – made setting posts and managing to type reviews a near impossibility without 2+ hours to spend on each.  While I feel horrid for not posting – there was too much going on (and not happening) with back and forth to doctors and consultants to actually have spare hours to try and write. And, I’ll admit reading kind of fell off dramatically as well.

That was on the 27th of September.  Fast forward 3 more weeks – and we get this…..

Still wrapped, still splinted – things moving well – but immobile all the same.  That takes me into October – where we finally move off to this

Splint off!

Ring finger still taped to middle because it was wanting to “Live Long and Prosper” with a bit of an angle outward, there’s some swelling: but the physical therapy can commence on a limited basis.

Last week – I got the all clear and things look good – physical therapy has started (I never realized just HOW much I use my left hand for things ) and while there’s some swelling in the ring finger – there’s little pain (except discomfort during therapy and exercises) and the doctor says that everything looks good and expects full recovery and motion – all by the next check up in mid December.

Reviews will start in a modified form in the next 2 weeks – from direct to goodreads with links to those reviews, as well as the normal reviews that you see here – things will return.

Thank you for your patience and your support!


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