AudioBook Review: Dating Dr. Notorious: Never Too Late #2 by Donna McDonald

AudioBook Review:

The return of the “not 20 something romance” story continues with Dating Dr. Notorious. In this story, McDonald brings us Regina, a famous / infamous sex therapist a la Dr. Ruth. She isn’t speaking from experience though, at least not current and present experience, not having much success with dating in her own life. I enjoyed Regina. with her obsession with Henry, her Porsche, and the clever way that McDonald used the sexually loaded phrases to describe Henry from Regina’s point of view, feeling much like she should be writing advertising copy.

When Ben spots Regina at a charity event, he begins to feel stirrings that had long been dormant, even though he had been contemplating HOW to return to the dating game after the death of his wife. These two are clearly attracted to one another, even with the fear of Regina’s greater experience. It was cute to watch them both struggle with their own demons and insecurities, and discover how to come together, in all senses of the word.

Narration in this version is again provided by Anne Johnstonbrown and while it again took some time for her performance to warm up and settle into the story without adding unnecessary pauses and odd hesitations. She did use appropriate changes in tone and patois to present the characters in a way that felt both normal and appropriate, although there were a couple of elements that kept me from losing myself in her narration. The first is already mentioned: odd pauses and hesitations with emphasis in places that just felt wrong. Although I have not read the text, grammatically none of these pauses worked. My more important issue was in the quality of the recording. I listened on 3 different devices, with varied headphones and speakers, and there was a subtle but persistent echo throughout the story from more pronounced to subtle, it sounded as if the story was recorded in a cave.

This is a fairly predictable with a twist romance, if you want a spicy read that has heart, life and isn’t about a 20 something finding her way – this is a good choice.


Stars:  Overall: 3 Narration 3  Story 3 

AudioBook Review: Dating Dr. Notorious: Never Too Late #2 by Donna McDonald

Title: Dating Dr, Notorious
Author: Donna McDonald
Narrator: Anne Johnstonbrown
Published by: Self-Produced
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Pages: 222
Audio Length: 8 Hours
Rated: three-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Being the best in her field doesn't seem to help famously successful sex therapist, Dr. Regina Logan, who manages to fix everyone’s love life but her own. Men won't date her. Her brutal honesty about physical matters intimidates most males. It also doesn’t help her love life that the press publishes every dating move she makes. Though she knows her negative publicity is the biggest problem, Regina thinks it's still ironic for a 47 yr old woman to be so knowledgeable about pleasing a man when there’s no lover in her life to benefit. Since most men have a tendency to run away before making it as far as her bed, it is definitely no surprise to Regina when "nice guy" Ben Kaiser rejects her after discovering her identity. But it still hurts. Ben’s kisses promise fulfillment of every fantasy she’s ever had, but no matter how great he is, Regina would be the first to admit there’s no room in her crazy public life for someone as nice as Ben.

After losing his wife to a two-year battle with cancer, 50 yr old widower, successful CEO, and all around nice guy, Ben Kaiser, is ready to start dating again. At a charity fundraiser, he takes a risk and asks a beautiful woman to dance. Ben’s attraction to the woman is so compelling he ends up dragging her outside to a secluded garden for a make-out session worthy of his teenage years. Thrilled to find such attraction at his age, Ben is later shocked to discover the woman he’s been kissing so passionately is the notorious Dr. Regina Logan. Her full-out responses to his lovemaking have Ben putting his hands on her every chance he gets, and when Ben tries to run away, he doesn't get very far before deciding he's probably spent too much time in his life being nice. Still, the negative publicity generated by her notorious career requires them to keep their relationship hidden to protect Ben's reputation and business. After deciding he wants to marry Regina, keeping the way they feel about each other a secret ends up being something Ben just can't be nice about.

A copy of this title was provided via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald is an active dreamer and finds writing to be the best way to use her creativity. Needing to satisfy both sides of her brain, she is a cross-genre author of contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal romances.

Her books appear on bestseller lists for humor, romantic comedy, space opera, and more. She craves laughter from her readers and focuses her attention on making that happen as often as possible.

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