Danger Wears White: The Emperors of London #3 by Lynne Connolly

Danger Wears White: The Emperors of London #3 by Lynne Connolly

The true enjoyment for me in this series, The Emperors of London by Lynne Connolly is the political and societal context into which the story is woven. The Georgian Era is a far less explored setting, and the differences between that and the more typical Regency stories is marked. Late in posting, please read on for my review of

Danger Wears White

The second I’ve read in this series, it is most notable for me to see the political and social intermingle, and Connolly’s facility with using these moments to fuel her character’s concerns and choices.

With the taint of traitorous behavior from her family’s support of the Jacobite cause, Imogen plans to stay quietly from London, in the country where the slights and dangers from society will not suddenly arise to derail her life.  But, those plans are for naught when she comes upon an injured man with insignia that indicates he’s a Jacobite. Arranging for his care, yet wanting to stay apart, she secretes him in her home to heal.

Tony is searching for a document that will secure his family, but place Imogen in great danger. Still – their passion cannot be ignored, and the two find common ground in feelings that defy politics, social norms and standing. But when Imogen is called to serve at court, an offer she can’t refuse, she becomes integral in Tony’s search.

Interesting pairing of the couple who have enough secrets to sink several ships – many of them dangerous.  Both intelligent and passionate, the secrecy and careful steps needed from them both to avoid pitfalls and danger are amassing exponentially.  Most curious is the mix of politics, court decorum and restrictions and intrigue that keep this story flowing forward to the end. Rich with history, facts and moments that resemble a chess game for ALL the stakes, the story is  intriguing and engaging.

Danger Wears White: The Emperors of London #3 by Lynne Connolly

Title: Danger Wears White
Author: Lynne Connolly
Series: The Emperors of London #3
Also in this series: Temptation Has Green Eyes
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by: Lyrical Press
ISBN: 1616505710
Published on: 7 July, 2015
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 200
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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"Full of political intrigue, steamy romance and plenty of twists and turns...a well crafted story that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. If Lynne Connolly isn't on your auto-buy list, she should be."~Sharon Cullen, author of Sebastian's Lady Spy

Hoping to live down her family’s connections to the traitorous Jacobite cause, Imogen wants nothing more than a quiet life in the country. When she stumbles upon a wounded man, the white cockade in his coat tells her he’s a Jacobite, and a danger to the crown. Yet there’s something about him she can’t resist . . .

In search of a document on behalf of his powerful family, Tony is shot and left for dead. Secreted away to a hidden chamber, he finds himself both a guest and prisoner of a beautiful but mysterious woman. What she wants and who she serves, he cannot know. But what he does understand is the desire burning strongly between them. And that neither of them will be spared until their lust is sated.

When the action moves to London, suddenly it’s Tony who has to act to save Imogen. Forced to become a lady in waiting to Princess Amelia, she is in peril from the Jacobites, who are convinced she is their salvation. Only the strength of Tony and Imogen’s love can save them now.

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