Cyrus: Men of Steel #3 by M.J. Fields

Book Review:

Based on the Jersey Shore, Cyrus is the first of the Men of Steel books that I have read, and it won’t be the last.  Written with alternating viewpoints in a stream of consciousness style that mixes interior dialogue with conversation and action, the voices are distinct, raw and often crudely depicted in a manner that feels very honest.

Cyrus is back in the states after Hurricane Sandy and a few tours overseas with the military.  His brother has just married a “pretty cool” girl, and he is a bit at loose ends.  Alternating as he runs from connections to take solace in them, and repeatedly engaging Tara in his verbal games for dominance, there’s a lost little boy acting all grown up as he moves through life.

There is a playful arrogance about Cyrus, protective and actually rather chivalrous despite his refusal to allow either trait to become part of his self-definition, the contrast between he and his brothers is strong, but for their commitment to family.   He has a desire to live the life his father told him was coming: finding that woman that is everything and all to you, and perhaps he has found that in Tara, although the two have mountains of issues to work through.

Tara, for her part, is working through her own issues as a survivor of the foster care system: her predilection to lean on those who are ‘bad boys’ for real, rather than using the bad boy demeanor as a shell is troubling, and part of what Cyrus wants to save her from.

There was a great story hidden here among more than a few large missing pieces in the sequence of the plot, character confusion and the rougher patches of description that don’t quite fit the characters as they are defined.  Then there is language: while the patter of his dialogue is peppered with F Bombs, the repeated use of expletives becomes wearing and tiring to the reader, they aren’t very creatively used, and the impact of word lessens with every use.  This is most certainly not an appropriate book for anyone under 18, and my personal note would extend to those who are easily offended by language give this book a pass it is not something you will learn to ignore because of the frequency.

All in all, this wasn’t a bad story, it had lots of unique elements and perspectives with voices that were particularly distinct and well developed, I just wished that the flow were more logical.


Cyrus: Men of Steel #3 by M.J. Fields

Title: Cyrus
Author: M.J. Fields
Published by: Self-Published
Source: Corvisiero Literary Agency
Pages: 224
Rated: three-half-stars
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I know who I am. I’m Cyrus Steel, son, brother, uncle, friend to people I choose to bring into my life.
I could fuck up anyone I want.
I know the devastation I can and have caused.
I can’t change the past, but I have chosen how to live now.
I like to fuck, and I will do a chick better than she’s ever been done. Hard and wild. No more than three hook ups. No expectations, no one gets hurt. As long as she agrees …it’s on.
One of my favorite tattoo’s bridges the V, and it says Truth.
A constant reminder of who I was and who I am now.

I wasn’t sure I knew how or even if I should tell him there was no one who loved me. Tony was the last person to say those words to me and he hadn’t meant it. He just wanted to use me.
That’s what this beautiful man underneath me, showed me today. He hadn’t used me, he didn’t even know me. But he thought I was beautiful, and he was nice to me. Tony was wrong about him, and even though I never want to see him again, I wish I could tell him just how wrong he was.

Can truth be altered? Can truth be seen when walls are built for protection, for self preservation? Will self doubt and years of pain cloud two hearts from finding their truth?

A copy of this title was provided via Corvisiero Literary Agency for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to drug and alcohol use / violence and/or sexual content in a genre not specified as Erotic.

About M.J. Fields

MJ Fields is the USA Today bestselling author of the Love series, the Wrapped series, the Burning Souls series, the Men of Steel series, and the Norfolk series. A former small-business owner who recently became a full-time writer, Fields lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.