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Book Review: 

The highlight of this book is in the characters of Jude and Indigo and their relationship. Their characters develop well throughout the story, with some hiccups in the relationship that are clearly and cleverly defined as the characters share themselves with each other and the readers.

Sadly, however, there was no real grounding in place for me, many generic details and oft repeated descriptive phases, with frequent lags in pacing left gaps in the tension and action; many threads were added in that felt more contrived than natural, and although there were few left dangling at the end of the story, the open ended conclusion with room for more didn’t leave me curious about the what next.

Stone has a beautifully smooth writing style, and can create a character that develops in both dimension and estimation with a great flair. The premise was great, and the myriad of ‘computer terms’ were defined clearly for all to grasp – a difficult task for even the most technically minded among us. Oh – and the title – yes, it does have a dual reference as well – while I didn’t find this story had a solidly clear ‘end’ with no room for more, there were several options and places in the characters’ lives and decisions where I think they would have wished for an undo.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own responsibility.  This review originally appeared at The Jeep Diva


Title:  Ctrl Z
Author: Danica Stone
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher:  Self Published
Pages:  260
ISBN:  978-1482687316
Source:  Author
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Stars:  3
Flames: 3
Purchase Now:  Amazon

About the Book:

Indigo Sykes has spent years trying to forget where she came from. She has a degree, a new life, and a quiet existence. Everything she ever wanted… But all of this comes to a screeching halt when an unexpected meeting with computer hacker, Jude Alden, changes her plans. Romance blooms between the mismatched duo, even while entanglements from Indigo’s past threaten to pull the two of them apart.

Dogged by a history of running, Indigo’s hard-won security is shattered when Jude’s illegal activity drags both of them into a dangerous game. As the net of hacking and underworld crime tightens around Jude and Indigo’s dark history is exposed, the two of them must find a way out or risk bringing the consequences down on them both.



Danika Stone is a writer of contemporary fiction with a focus on strong female narratives.  Danika’s most recent novel, Tathagata, was a Quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award (2013), and she was recently signed by Mint Literary Agency.

Besides writing, Danika is an educator, artist, and mother of three, with a graduate degree in Educational Leadership with Technology. Passionate about New Media, Danika has merged the fields of writing, technology and artwork through technology-inspired art projects. Her connections to digital artists and designers, and the ethical questions related to the field of technology, are the inspiration behind Ctrl Z.

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