Cotswolds Cookery Club ~ A Taste of France by Alice Ross

Cotswolds Cookery Club ~ A Taste of France by Alice Ross

The Cotswolds Cookery Club from Alice Ross is back for the final installment in this three book series

A Taste of France

From the start, Kate has been intriguing: a vet with 3 young children a French au pair and a husband whose work hours keep him away from home much of the time, she’s a wonderfully down to earth person who uses her ‘adult time’ with the ladies of the cookery club to unwind and just be. Finally sharing her concerns about her lack of mothering skills, her fractious daughter who ‘hates the twins’ and always wants to stay at a friend’s house after school, and her worries about her husband’s commitment to the marriage, she’s in tumult. Add to that her concerns about the locum’s departure from her veterinary clinic and her worries about juggling house, kids and her practice, she’s up against it.

Fortunately for Kate, the ladies of the club are not only friends but a wonderful support network. With her obsession with all things French, Kate’s excited by the current menu – a taste of France, and with tummy bugs, a dishwasher on the blink, finding her biggest accomplishment is a shower, and near sleepless as the au pair and her husband are both away for a week, the club steps in – does dishes, watches children, drags her off for a haircut and day of pampering, and generally helps her to put some things in order even as her life is seemingly out of control. But a new locum is sourced, her first love that she met in France, and her cleverness with cakes to make a ‘show’ at the school’s charity event, things are starting to provide more excitement, even if nothing feels settled. But with a new opportunity landing on her doorstep in the most unexpected way, her father’s news and a big surprise from her husband that is not quite what she expected, this is a wonderful installment that shows the power of friendship and it’s never ending ability to provide comfort, security, support and laughter, even when times feel bleak.

Alice Ross has brought together a wonderful concept, and added in these friends to build something that is accepting, warm and delicious. Always present are the food moments: references to recipes, tastes and treats that delight and enhance the emotions and sharing that happens between friends. I’m truly sad that this getaway to the Cotswolds is ending – as each is finding a new pathway in their life and I want to know more – if only to meet the new baby, see if the Twins ever stop painting the rocking horse with yoghurt and just how Connie’s new venture will take the world by storm.

Cotswolds Cookery Club ~ A Taste of France by Alice Ross

Title: The Cotswolds Cookery Club ~ A Taste of France
Genre: Contemporary Woman's Fiction, Food / Recipes, Setting: Britain, Small Town
Published by: HQ Digital
ISBN: 9780008244958
Published on: 27 September, 2017
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 180
Rated: four-stars
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Too many men spoil the broth…?

Kate Harris has enough on her plate! Life is constant juggling act between raising her three young children and running a busy Veterinary Practice in the Cotswolds. But with her passion for all things French, especially the mouth-watering cuisine, the cookery club with her three best friends, Connie, Melody and Trish is the perfect escape…

Now the foursome has been given their biggest challenge yet! Yet, with her husband Andrew’s increasingly secretive behaviour, the unexpected reappearance of her dishy ex-boyfriend, Gregg, and an unexpected culinary challenge from her daughter’s nursery, Kate decides it’s time to take charge of the disparate ingredients of her life and transform them into the perfect pot-au-feu!

Fans of Milly Johnson, Caroline Roberts and Jill Mansell will love this heart-warming read.

The Cotswolds Cookery Club is a story told in three parts. A Taste of France is part three.

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