Contemporary Fiction Favorites: Stand Alone Titles

More titles that fall into the Contemporary Romance category, and work solidly as stand-alone stories. Some may be tied in some ways to an upcoming series, or are first books not yet declared. But here are my favorites from 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Learning to Fall b Anne Clermont

Learning to Fall 

Anne Clermont

288 Pgs.

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Clermont is obviously writing with full knowledge of the unique people that are in the show world: from the good to the not so. The simple displays of wealth and the focus on the presentation and performance, the single-minded focus needed to complete a course successfully, and the hours of behind the scenes time and work that makes the 90 seconds in the ring look effortless. When added to the inner struggles that Brynn experiences this story is gripping and compelling, with plenty of moments to enjoy. While this won’t discourage or encourage anyone from setting their cap on the Grand Prix ring, it does present a sense of the struggles, expense and single-minded determination needed to start on the journey.

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The Hating Game The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Sally Thorne

William Morrow
384 Pgs.

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Sally Thorne’s use of dialogue, character development and reveal and the resolution of the conflicts between Lucy and Josh are clever, leading readers through a believable set of reasons to explain their personalities and the attraction between them. And that attraction is white hot and scalding, especially satisfying in the fact that there is no instant gratification, but a slow build to explosive ‘this is how it should be’ revelatory moments that are both heart and panty meltingly sweet and romantic. This is one of the ‘keeper shelf’ books, guaranteed to perk up a bad day and sure to be read often just for the heart.

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GATOR by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

OK so technically this isn’t a stand-alone title – there are other independent volumes in this Omega Team collection, and these all feature characters that WILL be in an upcoming full length novel from this author duo. 

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91 Pgs.

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Almeida and Aubrey write some of the best back and forth dialogue, it displays both of their ‘sensitive underbellies’ as the interior monologues show just HOW desperately these two want, and are good for, one another. This isn’t just a wander down memory lane though: these two are steamy together, but that is surpassed by the wonderful tension filled moments surrounding Manny, the Cartel and the help from the Omega Team, the story is fast paced, layered with emotion and action, and certainly lives up to what I’ve come to expect from these authors in their storytelling.

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